#OpVespaMandarinia: The Operation That Will Tackle The Hoax Industry Hard


#OpVespaMandarinia: The Operation That Will Tackle The Hoax Industry Hard

Operation Vespa Mandarinia is an operation founded by Lions Ground to tackle hoax industry by shutting down their money sources on grounds of fake news. The name #OpVespaMandarinia derives from the Asian giant hornet, who has the habit to enter the nest and immediately goes for the queen bee to defeat the whole swarm. This all started with the largest UFO hoaxer on YouTube.

Secureteam10 is the greatest hoaxer in the world of ufology. The videos are based on lies mixed with true events. Publicity is the key of his success. By taking his publicity you shut down his money tap, this is the birth of #OPVespaMandarinia.

The Sun, one of the largest publishers on the Internet, received a cold call from Lions Ground on February 2nd, 2017 and this news publisher is confronted with their actions for promoting hoaxers. Instead of denial, we got cooperation.

“What do you want us to do?” asked the author of The Sun.

In the audio recording below, you listen to a number of fragments of the phone conversation.

The Sun, with over 5,421,000 average weekly readers according to Media.info is the first media outlet that has stop promoting Secureteam10 if we may believe the words of The Sun’s author Jasper. This is a major blow to the hoaxer Secureteam10.

On February 20 Lions Ground appeared in The Sun with the headline “STAR WARS World famous UFO hunter under fire over claims his videos do NOT prove existence of extraterrestrials … by rival alien spotter,” a message to Tyler, and he has read it. Based on his reaction shows once again how easily he labels things.

This false argument is immediately corrected by displaying a statistic of a growing trend, not really the definition of a dead Youtube channel.

This Youtuber enjoys to label everything as UFO, this way he rule out the other side of the story and don’t give the viewer any other options because the UFO claim has already been made. This is pure manipulation of thoughts. This shows that he is not a UFO researcher as he claims on his Youtube channel.

Fake science: British universities publish fake studies

For more information about Secureteam10 click here.


Operation Vespa Mandarinia concentrates solely on all individuals and companies with great influence by depositing at Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and Google as fake news with as a result a heavy blow in the SEO and Revenue. The accused party gets a one-time warning to give the party in question the ultimatum to adjust. If the Party does not comply with our request then all evidence is being transferred to the Internet magnates. Such as Google will close the Adsense account.

#OpVespaMandarinia consists out of a group of enlightened, experts and debunkers.

What is fake news?

Fake news is when someone deliberately publishes misinformation via the media or social media, with the intention to deceive for financial or other reasons.

What is a debunker?

A debunker is someone who discredits misinformation with facts and evidence.
Spreading false information under false pretenses is seen as the cancer of information, danger of education, the source of misunderstanding, the reason why there are so many problems in our world today.