Oprah Winfrey has 3 months to live due to cancer?

Oprah Winfrey has 3 months to live due to cancer

It is claimed that Oprah Winfrey has terminal cancer and that she has three months to live. This fake news begins to circulate again on the internet. Best weapon against disinformation is factual information.

First of all NO reputable media house (CNN,BBC,etc) has reported this story. If Oprah was unwell or suffering from any disease; all major media houses in the world would have jumped on this story.

Who is behind this website?

Here is public information according ICANN.

Name: Fabien Brown
Mailing Address: 15 leitrim Aveune, Kingston 3, Kingston 3 JMAAW20 JM
Phone: +1.8765363765
Fax Ext:
Email:[email protected]

The story originated from Chicago based blog called NAHA.

The fake news website newslog555.com published on May 5, fake news about Ms. Oprah Winfrey. The hoax website makes the claim (without mentioning a source) that she has stage 4 cancer and only has 3 months to live.

Will Oprah Winfrey die of cancer?

False, Oprah Winfrey has no cancer and will not die within three months according to official sources.


Apparently, the idiots like to mock this disease to earn some money. This argument can be confirmed, if you look at this page it has five Adsense ad units on one page, more ad than content.

It’s allowed to display a maximum of 3 Adsense ad units. This is a violation of Adsense’s Terms of Service and in combination by depositing this website at Google, the Corresponding Adsense Account will be terminated quickly.

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