Scientist: “Nuclear Explosions on Mars Were Meant To Exterminate All Life”

nuclear explosions mars

Large nuclear explosions on planet Mars happened twice in the past, said dr. John E. Brandenburg of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics during the conference AIAA Space on September, 2016.

“We have evidence of two large nuclear explosions on Mars,” said Brandenburg. “The sites are located north of Cydonia and Galaxias Chaos.”

He added that archeological artifacts could possibly be found in both places. New pictures of the face on Mars (Cydonia) namely showing eyes, nose, mouth and a helmet, according to the physicist.

Deliberate Attempts

In 2014 it was first paid attention to the findings of the plasma physicist. His work was analyzed by the US Department of Defense. After half a year the Pentagon gave him permission to present his research at AIAA Space 2016 in California.


During the conference, he said that there have been two nuclear explosions in the Martian atmosphere and that it appears to involve deliberate attempts to kill all life on the red planet.

Huge Shock Waves

He claimed the blasts were hard enough to cause a huge catastrophe and change the climate on Mars drastically. Because there are no craters found, they need to have taken place in the atmosphere, according to Brandenburg.

Since his work has been carefully studied by the Pentagon dr. Brandenburg seems to have evidence available that nuclear weapons have been used on Mars. Isotopes indicate two huge shock waves in the northern regions on Mars caused by nuclear weapons.