‘You’re COMPLETELY losing touch with the people’ Farage lashed out at the mainstream media

nigel farage mainstream media

Nigel Farage lashed out hard at the mainstream media during the annual News Xchange conference on November 30, 2016. He addressed the European media to work on their news coverage otherwise some will lose their job over the next five years, said the British politician in the end.

British politician says aloud in a room filled with media heads that some media outlets are “out of touch” with a large group of people in their nation.

At the News Xchange yearly conference, Mr Farage said: “There are some big issues that you guys need to think very hard about.”

“The European question is one of them – we’ve shown with Brexit what is possible, and there are now many countries across the European Union seriously questioning their future in this project.”

“I think in terms of immigration, I still think many of you are covering this subject in a way that anyone who dares to raise the issue, somehow has malevolent intentions underneath – which in the vast majority of cases simply isn’t true.“I think the coverage of radical Islam is another area where you are completely losing touch with vast swathes of your own population.”

“In fact, it happens in politics too. Dear Hillary [Clinton] couldn’t even bring herself to say radical Islam – she couldn’t even use the term.”

“And lastly, where I believe where you’re really getting completely out of touch is on your coverage of the issue of climate change,” — Farage said the media refuses to cover renewable energy sources when they don’t work or aren’t built “without vast taxpayer subsidy”.

Turning his focus to the recent US election he said: “Finally on Donald Trump, it wasn’t only you who got it wrong – everybody got it wrong.”

“But I had a very good bet at five-to-one – I’ve enjoyed 2016, even if you haven’t.”


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