The Next Boy/Girl Band Format Stolen by Talpa: The Dutch Media Blackout!

The Next Boy/Girl Band Format Stolen by Talpa: The Dutch Media Remains Silent!

The independent TV format creator and creative Antony Haynes accuses the powerful media company, Talpa, for stealing his ideas from which the now popular show called “The Next Boy/Girl Band” is derived.

Haynes, currently owner of VIPER Management, claims he invented a number of television formats and approached the company Talpa, which was then owned by the media mogul John de Mol, to take them into development.

Haynes provided us documentation consisting out of the formats and months of communications between the media company and him, this is about 42 documentations and e-mail traffic between two parties.

Talpa liked his idea but it was not good enough to develop it and thanked him. When Haynes saw the interview with John de Mol on RTL Late Night talking about his new talent show “The Next Boy/Girl Band,” he felt abused.

The Next Boy/Girl Band

According to Haynes, Talpa took key elements from his format called “On the Spot” and merged it with “Final five” to create “The Next Boy/Girl Band”.

Media Silence

When Haynes approached us, he explained that the Dutch media do not want to cover this story. We took the acid test and approached the Dutch broadcaster Powned. When prompted whether they are interested in a good story they responded quickly. When it became clear the story is about John de Mol they remained silence.


The accuser and Talpa are both asked for a copy of the patent. The investigation is still in progress and outcome depends on their cooperation.