New picture of mysterious “unidentified aerial phenomenon” in Hessdalen

New picture of mysterious light phenomenon in Hessdalen. Is this proof that Norway is visited by UFOs?

New picture of mysterious

Scientists, UFO hunters, and enthusiasts have been fascinated by the mysterious light of Hessdalen in Norway.

At a conference in Vienna has now revealed an image captured by scientists at the Østfold University College in Hessdalen in September 2015.

They waited two years for bringing out the picture and chose deliberately to present the image during a scientific meeting.


They want to show in this way that the phenomenon is real and worthy of researching.

In the picture an orb with a diameter of 1.5 meters to see about 30 meters altitude. The object is about 100 meters from the camera. In addition, the bulb illuminates the surface of the earth.

Researchers speak in the case of Hessdalen, incidentally, not about a UFO, but HP (Hessdalen Phenomenon) or UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon).

Same place

The object is recorded several times in the same place. That can help us understand how these orbs arise says Bjorn Gitle Hauge and Anna-Lena Kjoriksen of Østfold University College.

They hope that more scientists will become interested in the phenomenon so that they can unravel the mystery behind these bulbs.

When the scientists, watching with a camera from a tent, ran out the orb was already gone.

95 percent sure

The ball did not appear in the next photo, which was taken five seconds later.

The researchers are 95 percent sure that this is a picture of the Hessdalen Light. They have ruled out that it is a parhelion or reflection.

They are now trying to figure out what it really is.

The ghostly light phenomenon is seen since 1941 in Hessdalen. A spike in the number of reports was between 1981 and 1984.