New photos Roswell crash prove that Aliens exist unveiled today

New photos Roswell crash prove that Aliens exist unveiled today

Today, in a packed Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City photographs of the Roswell crash are shown in which an alien would be seen. Some are looking forward to this event for months.

Many people believe that the US government has recovered in 1947 near Roswell in New Mexico wreckage of an alien ship. The images will be unveiled by a team led by Dr. Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut who has walked on the moon.

The pictures were reportedly the remains of an alien. They were made by Bernerd A. Ray, a geologist who in the forties was working near Roswell. Some websites say that the images prove that aliens exist, while others claim to be a hoax.

The photos were found in an envelope in an attic. Researcher Anthony Baraglia said: “Scientists have determined that these are real photos from 1947. The only possible conclusion: this humanoid is not a deformed person, mummy, dummy, ape or dead soldier. The creature does not come from the earth. ”

Nick Pope, who worked for many years on the UFO desk of the British Ministry of Defence, warns that the photos are possible fake. In the forties vicinity of secret army basis were located in Roswell and he suggests that there probably crashed a secret plane or a secret rocket.

Organizer of the event, Tom Carey said the photos show him as the body of an alien who has come down in July 1947 in Roswell. He hired an expert in Kodak, which concluded that there was not tampered with the pictures. Carey added that the essence of the picture is 1 meter 20 tall and has an ‘insect-like head.

New photos Roswell crash

Never ever listen to Nazi fascist government. Their words are always pure deception, open your eyes. Ask yourself, when did the government not lie? It’s even recorded on satellite that the government shoot on UFOs:

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Ignore the media’s opinion, because that is owned by them. They let people think what’s right, to be honest they do that since day one since we had television.

I won’t listen to them, i suggest to do your own investigation or do you look the other way when you are confronted with the unknown?

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