WOW: Nearly 1,000 years old toy boat discovered in Norway

Nearly 1,000 years old toy boat discovered in Norway

For Viking children this miniature version of a Viking ship has to be “very cool”.

Archaeologists discovered the boat in an old well which was part of a small farm, almost 1000 years ago – for unknown reasons – was slammed shut. The boat has been carefully carved from a piece of wood and a stem which strongly resembles the prow of a Viking ship. In the middle of the boat is a hole created where probably could be put into a pole.


It is an interesting finding. “It shows that the kids could play on the farm and that they had permission to also do other things than work in the field or helping around the farm,” says researcher Ulf Fransson. And that’s actually pretty remarkable. The farm in question is namely quite far off from the sea and is not strategically located. That means that the people most likely were not rich. Yet life was apparently well: someone had taken the time to make the boat and children were apparently play with it.


That someone decided to surprise the kids with a miniature boat is not so crazy. Boats were in the Middle Ages highly advanced vehicles. So at least as cool as racing cars or aircraft in the perception of children alive today are. Whoever made the boat, moreover, did everything possible to create a realistic looking toy boat. “This is a ‘real’ boat,” says Fransson. “You do not make much effort to make toys for a child. Who ever made this boat, made something that actually looked like a boat. “

The researchers groove in total the remains of seven farms and two wells. In those wells, they found next to the toy boat also pieces of leather that formed together probably leather shoes. The shoes endorse the suspicion that the residents of these farms were not rich. They were very simple work shoes. One of the shoes was additionally fixed. The residents of the farms were not that very poor because they found a discarded shoe in the pit.