NASA and the US involved in a cover-up on UFO sightings in India

NASA and the US involved in a cover-up on UFO sightings in India

Around midnight Sunita Yadav woke up and Grey alien with gray skin and big black eyes was levitating above her face. Her son Hitesh saw how the Grey alien suddenly disappeared.

Hitesh (20) is convinced that he has seen an alien that night, writes the Hindustan Times.

The creature has been so often observed in Panchkula, a district of the Indian state of Haryana, it has become a mascot.


The Indian scientist Ramkrishan Vaishnav noticed that even the Indian army made a report seeing a UFO.

In March 2008, he heard of a UFO sighting in the village Banswara, where eight people had seen an unidentified vessel in the air.
Six days later Vaishnav arrived in the village. “According to the villagers, the UFO was shaped like a hat,” he said, adding that the bottom of the ship was equipped with a bright light.

Big red light

Kumaresan Ramanathan was in 2012 the first Indian MUFON UFO researcher. He had to examine a number of observations, including a row of red, yellow and green lights that hovered a few minutes and then disappeared.

He had also studied images of an object hovering over Bangalore almost an hour and then suddenly disappeared.

On December 15, 1987, the then six-year-old Kamal Pant of Dehradun city saw a big red light in the sky. “It was not a plane, helicopter or joke,” he said.

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“It was some time in the air and made no sound,” he added.

Pant, who teaches at a private college in Dehradun, says that NASA and the US are engaged in a cover-up and that after the Roswell crash they have been using alien technology.

He also claims to be able to communicate telepathically with aliens. “My mother and wife have seen everything and know that I’m not lying,” Pant said.

Mother ship

The locals call these beings pariyaan (fairies), says Pant.

The assistant professor says to have photographed a ‘mothership’ and filmed on the moon in 2014. “I sent NASA an e-mail about this. A month later I received a message from Houston that I had to stay away, ‘ “he said.

Pant claims that a day later someone broke into his home and that his computer some of his videos were gone.

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SOURCEHindustan Times