NASA manipulates photos to hide the fact that there are UFOs on the moon

NASA manipulates photos to hide the fact that there are UFOs on the moon

A former NASA consultant claims that employees of the US space agency remove UFOs from lunar pictures before they are released. This writes the British Daily Express.

In 1971 dr. Ken Johnston sr. worked at the Johnson Center of NASA, where he had to store moonstones and catalog photographs of the Apollo program. He claims to have seen the photo experts airbrush UFOs and other anomalies.

According to Dr. Johnston there is quite a difference between the original picture and what NASA ultimately publish. He also claims that senior NASA employees gave him instructions to destroy five rolls of film of the moon missions.

Buildings on the Moon

He said that the rolls could be better donated to universities or research centers, but that suggestion fell on deaf ears. Johnston said to have kept a number of images. According to show them evidence of unexplained objects and even buildings and structures on the moon.

He was in his own words fired by the space agency because he had leaked the photos. Yet he never worked directly for NASA, but for Brown & Root, a company that was hired by the space agency.


Skeptics are not convinced because he has never show original NASA images and because the photos stored in his books can be found in the archives of the space agency.

However, Johnston is not the only former adviser to NASA who made such claims. Donna Hare, who has worked in early seventies at the photo labs of NASA, said the evidence of UFOs are being erased by the space agency. A security guard would have told her that he was forced to burn photographs of UFOs.