Prevent Mobile Device Theft With This Security Tracking App

Mobile Device Theft

Chances are pretty high that you fall victim to mobile device theft. You should be worried about your safety. Fortunately, we have created a review-tutorial video how to protect your mobile device with CrookCatcher.

Smartphones are a top choice for today’s street thieves, particularly teenagers. The Apple 6, 6s and Samsung S6 were the most stolen mobile phones in the United States in the 1st quarter of this year. 70 million mobile phones are missing annually, with only 7 percent recovered.

First, a thief is going to try to disable your mobile phone. They may do this by pulling out your battery, removing your SIM card, turning the phone to airplane mode, or, well, turning off your mobile phone.

Second, a thief will try to erase your device. In order to resell it, they’ll want to prime it for the next owner. This is why having a cell phone which is secured with a pin is vital. Crooks might look through your cell phone for sensitive information before they wipe it.

With a pin protecting the innards of your phone, plus a feature like CrookCatcher that will take a picture of the thief if he enters the wrong pin, this might not be an issue.

Last but not least, a thief will try to sell your phone sending it, occasionally, all the way across the world.

Reviewing The Mobile Device Theft App

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CrookCatch Mobile Device Theft Security Tracking App
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