Mechanic “saved by angels” after serious accident


Study proves afterlife, There is currently a story around the Internet about a man who would be saved by angels after an accident. Mechanic Bruce Van Natta worked on 16 November 2006 on a truck when the jack under the colossus suddenly shot his place.

The front axle ended up as a sort of guillotine on his belly and pressed his body against the underside of the concrete floor. He pleaded with the driver of the truck to get from him under the ashes. He refused because he knew that Van Natta had a broken back.

The mechanic tried to pull himself out from under the truck, but the pain was almost unbearable. Then he cried twice, “Lord, help me.” Suddenly Bruce felt no more pain. He lost consciousness. “My spirit left my body and floated to the ceiling,” Van Natta told the Christian Broadcasting Network. “My spirit was looking down from above at the scene of the accident.”

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“The man I worked with arch over my body and saying things like” I’m sorry, I’m sorry. ” But on either side of him he saw huge angels. They were about 2.5 meters long. They had no wings, but had very wide  shoulders, “Van Natta explained. He added that the arms of the angels were touching his body.

The next moment he was conscious and he was again rushed to the hospital. Doctors were not sure whether he would survive. His ribs were broken, torn his pancreas and spleen and his arteries were cut in five places.

The installer should have bled to death within minutes. “I think the angels have kept me alive in one form or another,” Van Natta said.

After nine long months in the hospital, Bruce was eventually able to eat. Three-quarters of his small intestine was crushed by the truck’s axle and had to be removed. When he left the hospital was a substantial part of the small intestine grown again. “My intestines are working twice as good as normal,” he said. “My pancreas recovered by itself. Also my spleen recovered by themselves. ”

Bruce has written a book about supernatural healing entitled Saved by Angels. In the movie from 2010, he tells his story in the TV program The 700 Club.

Saved by REAL Angels by Lions Ground

  • Heart Whisperer

    Pretty amazing story. When I read stories like this, I can not help but wonder why some people are saved and others are not.
    Peace & love 🙂

    • lionsground

      Thank you so much for your comment.