Mark Ruffalo Bitch Slap Monsanto “You poison people”

Mark Ruffalo Bitch Slap Monsanto

Earlier this month, the American actor Mark Ruffalo is interviewed for the television program CBS ‘This Morning’ about the new movie Spotlight. Just before the interview he saw Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant gave evasive answers to critical questions that were asked by the team from CBS.

Ruffalo soon had enough of the smooth-talking Grant, the man who is responsible for so much misery and disease in the world. ” You do not stumble-upon every day the director of Monsanto and therefore Ruffalo wanted to use the opportunity to speak on behalf of millions of others.

He stepped up to him and said what many think: “You keep your busy monopolizing food. You poisoning people. You destroy small farmers. You kill the bees. What you are doing is wrong.”

Grant replied: “What we do is in my view a good thing.” Of course you think, says Ruffalo.

The actor says on ecowatch against Grant, the following:

Hugh, it’s not your words that make your business so bad. It’s about the terrible things you’re doing. People like you and your business are bad because you are bad. If you try to hide the fact that you are bad, your smooth talk won’t work. People will always greet you, as i did.

In 2003, Monsanto settled with 20,000 residents of Anniston, Alabama who claimed a factory of agricultural giant polluted local rivers, lakes, soil and air with carcinogenic PCBs.

In 2012, Monsanto settled with tens of thousands of residents of West Virginia who claimed they were poisoned by exposure to carcinogenic chemicals used in the production of Agent Orange.

In 2015 the World Health Organization found that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup herbicide, Monsanto, probably carcinogenic to humans.

In September 2015, Monsanto was by a French court found guilty of poisoning farmer Paul Francois. In the same month, two US farmers complained to Monsanto because they got cancer in their own words by exposure to Roundup.

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Mark Ruffalo Bitch Slap Monsanto “You poison people”

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