Latest on Putin: Russia helped Italy first after earthquakes, not the bureaucratic EU

Latest on Putin

The latest on Putin, Russia helped Italy first after the devastating earthquakes that recently ravaged the country. Says journalist Gian Micalessin of the Italian newspaper Il Giorno.

In a column he has lashed out at the bureaucratic European Union, which are not doing enough in his eyes to help Italy.

Russia was the first country that “offered assistance” according Micalessin. Last summer, the heart of Italy was hit by a series of earthquakes, and 15,000 people were left without electricity and drinking water.

Latest on PutinPutin Offered Help

Thousands of homes were destroyed and the infrastructure was damaged, making the rescue difficult task.

“A few weeks ago, Italy announced to send soldiers to the border with Russia,” said the journalist. “Italy see Russia as a potential enemy.”

“But the only person who called the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi immediately after the recent earthquakes and said he wanted to help, was the Russian president Vladimir Putin was,” he added.

Another Approach

Russia offered to send rescue teams who are trained to operate in hard to reach areas.

“Our so-called European friends opted for a different approach,” Micalessin said. “They said we could not spend money to help our people because they manage the budget.”

Micalessin noted that most Italians see Russia as a European country. “We have good relations with Russia,” he said.

The Italian government is following NATO like a dog with his tail between his legs, according to him.