KIC 8462852 News: Search For Intelligent Aliens Has Began

KIC 8462852 News: Search For Intelligent Aliens Has Began

Astronomers have begun the search for signs of extraterrestrial life near KIC 8462852 for possible alien mega structure. They have the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) aimed at KIC 8462852, a star 1,500 light-years from Earth.

There is no telling whether the star KIC 8462852 is bright and when not. While other stars that we have detected are predictable. The problem with KIC 8462852 is that this star have no single pattern, it behave weird.

Scientists can think of no single explanation for the strange behavior of the star and thus keep all options open. The Kepler telescope has detected that the star now and then 22 percent decrease in brightness. That would mean that there is something enormous between the star and Kepler.

Extraterrestrial civilization

Most scientists believe that the dip can be explained by a swarm of comets. Some astronomers say that Kepler picked the signal caused by huge structures built by an extraterrestrial civilization.

Astronomers are testing the theory about aliens by measuring radio waves around the planet. If they measure activity that could indicate extraterrestrial life that make contact with each other.


However, the method used by SETI is controversial in science. If no radio waves are received, that does not necessarily mean that there is no extraterrestrial life. Perhaps because those aliens communicate in a whole different way. Or maybe civilization is now extinct and the foreign mega-structure is remained as a kind of monument or just left behind.

Until a statement is found, the extraterrestrial hypothesis is still being considered, even if the ATA and other instruments don’t catch any signals. If there are found no signs of life, it does not automatically mean KIC 8462852 is a lifeless system.

Kepler Telescope Found Alien Constructions Star KIC 8462852?

Scientists have discovered a developed bizarre star which may be surrounded by a giant alien structure. The star, named KIC 8462852, is at 1480 light years and was first found in 2009 by the Kepler space telescope.

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Do you think there is extraterrestrial life? Share your thoughts on KIC 8462852 in the comment section below. Read Kepler telescope found alien constructions star KIC 8462852? for more information about this mysterious star.

  • nwjh

    The reason that the life, if there, is 1,480 light years away and we have previously received no signals from it through SETI is obvious. They’ve had a good look at us and decided to keep their distance! That would allow us to categorize them as ‘intelligent life.’

    “It is well established that stars, planets, suns, galaxies, and, indeed, the entire universe is rushing away from us at anything up to the speed of light. But then, can you blame it?” — Alfred E. Newman.