Jewish Freemasonry connections to Societies, Religions & Political Leaders


Discover how the Jewish Freemasonry, because Freemasonry is Jewish —have connections to almost all societies, religions and political leaders. When we remember that Abraham Lincoln was the first President to break all diplomatic ties with the Vatican, in the 1860’s, we become even more aware.

Diplomatic ties continued broken with the United States until the coming of President Ronald Reagan. He reestablished full diplomatic ties with the Vatican, the first President, since Lincoln, to do so. Reagan’s next official act was to travel to Europe, at least three times, to meet in private with the Pope. We were not told what was discussed.

Later, the Pope was a host to other summit meetings. And then, of course, Ronald Reagan traveled to Europe to visit the war dead, or so we are told. He ended up at Bitsburg Cemetery, the burial spot for the Nazi SS Officers. We have to wonder what was going on. Did Ronald Reagan not know he was going to a Nazi burial spot? Of course he did, he’s not a fool. There are no such things as mistakes made by presidents. What they do and where they go is always well planned and done for a reason.

When we see things happening on the world scene, and we say the President made a mistake, the government made a mistake, you have to know that a government the size of the United States doesn’t make mistakes. They are well calculated moves. They know what they are doing, and often times have a hidden agenda that they simply cannot make public. You would be amazed as to how often this happens. They have an idea, a purpose, so they don’t make mistakes.

Ronald Reagan’s going to Bitsburg was purposely contrived. It signaled something to secret societies. The Gulf crisis, in the early 1990s, was just another calculated plan in the scheme of world agendas. There are many innuendoes, and things that are being said, which lead one to understand that there is more going on in the Middle East than what we were told about, and as we said before, it has little to nothing to do with oil, little to nothing to do with a threat against this country, because the bottom line is that this country has very little it can be threatened with. Threats certainly do exist, but not to the degree that one would think.

There are some interesting books out there which show many Freemasonic connections to our societies, religions, and political leaders, including connections between the Order of Malta with the Pope and Rome, and the Freemasonic double headed eagle with England. England and Rome use Freemasonic symbols at the highest religious levels, elements in relation to Christianity or should I say Jehovah Witness’s brand of Christianity. We have such books as Christian by Degrees, Masonic Revealed in the Light and the Faith of Jehovah, Testament for a New World, The Seven Books Containing a Sense of Spiritual Wisdom, given to us by the Knights Templar.

Freemasonry: Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty that is actually a replica of another Babylonian goddess “Ishtar” the Mother of Harlots and the goddess of Freedom/Liberty. A European Freemason who wanted to honour a Masonic doctrine that dates back to the time of Nimrod and Babylon created this “artwork”!

Therein, the Table of Contents reveals a Book of Jehovah and the book of Jehovah’s Kingdom on Earth, with the Knights emblem. We see that Jehovah’s Kingdom on Earth is no more than a Masonic Kingdom, like the British United Kingdom. Jehovah Witnesses, along with the Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists and, as we said, all the other York Rite Masonic cults in America, are consistently spreading. They are the shock troops, so to speak, for Freemasonry, who spread the message for the kingdom to the rest of us in this nation to accept their Masonic Kingdom. They, unbeknownst to them selves, are the forerunners for a New World Order.

However, unfortunately, they have no idea in this world, just what is coming. They have been duped, and they are too proud and arrogant to understand that duplicity. We studied a book called the Teachings of Freemasonry, and on the book’s cover we found the Jewish Star of David, because, in fact, Freemasonry is heavily Jewish. Freemasonry has always known that its greatest enemy in Western Civilization is Rome. That’s why there has always been this animosity between the Catholic Church and Judaism. There has always been this animosity between the Catholic Church and Judaism. For centuries, the Jews have been persecuted in the Old Country, in Europe, and there still remains that animosity between Judaism and the Catholic movement today, but not because of religion, but because of the secret societies that operate behind the scenes of both of those organizations. You might be interested to know that the Pope’s headdress, the Papal head dress, actually goes back to an ancient Jewish headdress. And, of course, the Pope wears the yurmulke, and the highly ordained Catholic Cardinals wear the yurmulke. But, notice in particular, that the Pope and clergy wear a headdress that is Freemasonic.

freemasonry breastplate apron
The breastplate and/or apron are also frequently associated with freemasonry. GMail is using the same logo.

The breastplate and/or apron are also frequently associated with freemasonry. We have other Masonic garb showing that when we see the Pope and we see the priest, we now know that when we see other religious movements through out the world, their garb it’s all representative of Freemasonry. I think some of those now among us that are concerned with the race issue throughout the world might be interested to know that there is another Freemasonic brotherhood of power, which is presented as an expose of the secret Afrikaner; Brotherhood.

So when we see what is happening in South Africa, it is no great wonder that South Africa’s greatest friend is Israel. There is a famous song from the 1960’s, entitled, Does Anyone Know What Time It Is? We respectfully submit that it is time to wake up and face the most serious problems that we face as a free society. It is high time, like the owl, that we see things that have been kept in the dark from us. This will not be difficult, because the truth has been hiding in plain view all along. In the Congress resides the American symbols of power, known in the dictionary as the fasces. The fasces itself is nothing more than an ancient symbol, of an ancient priesthood, from an ancient world. The ax explains why, in the Second World War, the powers of Hitler were called the Axis Powers. The fasces was used by the Priesthood of the Ax in the ancient world and by Adolph Hitler, General Franco, and Mussolini, and many other underworld fascist movements, likened to Mafiastyle organizations, commonly understood to be called the “Untouchables.” As I said previously, and as even Time Magazine has obviously had to admit, our leaders are the best that money can buy. They have sold you out to a hid den agenda covertly kept behind the scenes from a long time ago. Now, you have just seen the faint outline. In the past, we have tried to enlighten your mind to a subject that has not been adequately dealt with, and that is the secret societies and subversive movements that are restructuring our world, by using all sorts of guises and the fasces, prominently displayed in the House Of Representatives, Washington, D.C. (District of Columbia) excuses for their subterfusive profiles.

Everything from the Jehovah Witnesses, to the Mormons, with their Zion National Park, and the New World Order, the racist philosophies that pervade the Western World. It has imminently become an idea whose time has come to speak of these subjects. We have adequate documentation for the revelations exposed in this book, if you would like to inquire further for corroboration of this mountain of evidence. It is obvious that such a vastly controlled volume of research cannot be adequately covered in this modest edition. We do sincerely hope that we can present some of these broader concepts and ideas that could be fresh and new for you to explore. We at least want to impress on you this thought.

This country (America) was based on the premise that individual citizens have a right to know the truth, as well as the right to understand and to expect from our leaders to exemplify the truth. We haven’t received the truth from our leaders, and it now appears conclusive that we are not going to be guaranteed that unalienable right as American citizens. They have their own agenda, and their own ideas about what they are going to do to continue this world control and domination, and it apparently doesn’t include the opinions of you, me, or our next door neighbors. All that you are expected to do is work hard and pay your taxes, be a capital product for their controlled system, and not ever ask any questions! I think it is now high time that our country does ask questions of its leaders its “misleaders.”

We have the best religious and political leaders that money can buy. It is definitely time we begin to look at these subjects very deeply. Churches, almost all churches that you will go to have a pointed arch, the stained windows, or the pointed doors. Now, the pointed arch is because of the female, that’s the female womb. That is why for a couple of thousand years now, Christian priests have always been officiating. They have always been in charge, after walking through those doors, and they don’t want women priests because it doesn’t look right for a women to be “in” a women.

religion sex Khajuraho Temples
The Khajuraho Temples

It has to do with sex, and that’s why the pointed door on the church has to do with the pointed arch of the female. And, the man is said to be dominating, or ruling over, commanding the pointed arch. He enters into the pointed arch, and at that time is referred to in the ancient Hebrew as the holy of holies.

Religion and Sex: Adam and Eve
Religion and Sex: Adam and Eve

The holy of holies was always considered to be the womb, the holy arch, and that’s where life comes from, and that’s as close to God as you are going to get. Therefore, the sex act was considered to be the closest way that man and woman could get to God. It doesn’t have a thing to do with being holy, it has to do with life and the female womb. The priest wears the long black robe, because he is wearing the garb of the woman, the long black robe of the female.

It was always considered, from ancient times, that all Divine wisdom was in the women, the female. She was called Sophia, which meant wisdom to the Greeks. Another female word is nun. In Hebrew the word nun is for fish, and there were people in the Bible like Joshua, the son of nun, and also Jesus, son of the fish. So there were men connect ed with this nun/fish meaning in the Bible. In many cases, Yahweh, or Jehovah, was an her maphrodite the God of the Hebrews was both male and female. That’s what the Hebrew word for the Tetragrammaton implied, that’s why the Bible says that God made man in His own image, “made He male and female,” because God was male and female. The seven candle lamp stand was the seven lights of the ancient world. A candle is a light. It is not a big light, but a little Churches traditionally have an arched entryway, representing the female, which the priest enters into light, that is why you had seven lights in the heavens. The seven polestars, the seven great Gods of the ancient world, in the heavens.

Today we hear that God is love, but God is not “Jove.” Somewhere along the line the “J” got changed to “L,” now God is Love. Originally, God was Jove. Our system of numbering in America goes to ten and stops, because ten is the holy number. The holy number in ancient Egyptian, the number of God, was IO. The letter I, and the letter O. Today we have 10 the number ten, which is the highest unit you can go to, so it has nothing to do with God, it has to do with Egypt.

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Heathcliff Spencer Peters is an impartial and independent investigative journalist whose stories have appeared in The Sun, Express, Dailymail, nationwide Italian and Spanish television, and over 10 countries.
  • Ishah X

    “I know the plans I have for you.” says the lord. “… to do you good, not harm …” Old Testament Holy Bible.
    It is so sad, nevertheless ABSOLUTELY TRUE, the enemy has plans just as strategic. Only his plans for us, is destruction collimating with death … generation to generation.
    GOD wanted a family, He plant Jesus …
    Satan wants to destroy the Family he plants …. (the marriage God intended and wanted – fundamental for a Humans Surviving Living in a Prosperous Society – NO more.)

    In order to learn from our mistake, or we’ll just do a repeat, we need to look back in History, see what was (What, When, Why, Where and How …, and do different. Well when society mocks, deems our History Book foolish, only followed by the ignorant, irrelevant 100th place according to man – Evolution, taken out or society, forced to exist with in closed doors, not to socially be talked about, (before it was not polite to talk about religion and politics – now it’s illegal to talk about the Religion of Christianity, forced to take 10 commandments down from our court walls, telling a person NOT to kill … Thou shall not kill ….. How deviant we Christians are.
    When you make our History Books of NO Relevance, there’s NO where to look back upon – with wisdom – not even Socrates is a match for King Solomon. We have NO guidance, social wisdom is gone and thrown out and dared not to be talked about.