Jesus was a supernatural shapeshifter, says ancient Egyptian manuscripts

esus was a supernatural shapeshifter, says ancient Egyptian manuscripts

Jesus Christ was a shapeshifter and helped him escape the crucifixion according to ancient Egyptian texts that have been deciphered in recent years, writes Express.

Two separate texts, which were deciphered in recent years, are now stored in the Morgan Library and Museum in New York City and the other in the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania.

The text is written in the latest stage of the Egyptian language Coptic and describes how Pontius Pilate had a meal with Jesus night before his crucifixion and probably to condemn his son to death instead of the Messiah.

Very peculiar is that the text explains how the authorities asked Judas to kiss Jesus to identify him because he had the ability to change shape.

“Without further ado, Pilate prepared a table and he ate with Jesus on the fifth day of the week. And Jesus blessed Pilate and his whole house,” says the text.


The Roman a Saint in Captic churches tells Jesus: “Well then, behold, the night has come, rise and withdraw, and when the morning comes and they accuse me because of you, I shall give them the only son I have so that they can kill him in your place.”

Jesus responded: “Oh Pilate, you have been deemed worthy of a great grace because you have shown a good disposition to me.”

Judas kissing Jesus to identify him

Jesus Christ was a shapeshifter

Probably, Jesus showed his shapeshifting gift to demonstrate how he can flee.

“Pilate, then, looked at Jesus and, behold, he became incorporeal: He did not see him for a long time,” tells the text.

Also, Judas is described in the text describing the betrayal of Jesus: “Then the Jews said to Judas: ‘How shall we arrest him (Jesus)? For he does not have a single shape but his appearance changes. Sometimes he is ruddy, sometimes he is white, sometimes he is red, sometimes he is wheat coloured, sometimes he is pallid like ascetics, sometimes he is a youth, sometimes an old man’.”

Jesus healed the sick with medicinal cannabis?!?!

However, historians doubt the truth of the text. The author of the text probably did not believed it says Roelof van den Broek of Utrecht University in the Netherlands to Live Science.

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