Jesus healed the sick with medicinal cannabis?!?!

Jesus healed the sick with medicinal cannabis?!?!

Jesus was almost certainly a cannabis user and an early proponent of the medicinal properties of that plant. This is evident from literary-historical and archaeological research, Natural News writes today.

In the drugs magazine High Times wrote American Chris Bennett that the oil anointing Jesus used contained the ingredient Kaneh-Bosem. It has since been identified as a cannabis extract.


The incense that he used in ceremonies contained the extract that was mixed with, inter alia, olive oil and various spices.

“There can be no doubt about the role played by cannabis in the Jewish religion. It is inconceivable that this substance has not been mixed in the ointment”, said Professor Carl Ruck of Boston University. He added that it is inevitable that Christians have taken the recipe.

Not Uncommon

Jesus healed the sick with medicinal cannabis?!?!According to Bennett are the ones who were anointed by Jesus literally soaked in the extract. He argued citing the New Testament that Jesus anointed his disciples. He advised them to do the same with followers. This practice may have resulted in the cure of disorders of the eyes and the skin, and even the relief of menstrual problems. Gospels talk about that sometimes.

Cannabis use was, according to Bennett in biblical times is not uncommon. Prosecuting users is an “anti-Christian act”, says the researcher.

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