Jade Helm: “A violation of U.S. law” #JadeHelm15

Jade Helm:

This summer the US military maintains a large-scale exercise in the state of Texas. Some Texans, including Texas Ranger Chuck Norris, believe it is an invasion by the US government.

What is operation Jade Helm all about?

It is a military exercise with 1,200 elite soldiers. Operation Jade Helm 15, as the exercise is called, will take place in Texas and eight other states and will last six weeks.

The conspiracy theory comes down to this: the 1,200 members of the Special Forces are the vanguard of a power grab by President Obama, who wants to reduce the weapons of citizens, and underground tunnels(what they’ve copied from the Vietnamese) will build for better monitoring its citizens.

They claim the supermarket chain Wal-Mart plays an important role. Some branches of Wal-Mart close precisely during the period of the exercises their doors due to renovations. Tunnels would be located beneath the supermarkets.

Open your eyes, this a violation of U.S. law

Anyone who thinks the U.S. military is training in Bastrop, Texas so that they can fight enemy insurgents in Fallujah is failing to see the gorilla in the room.

Operation Jade Helm is, without question, an illegal martial law drill intended to prepare the troops for deployment against civilian populations in America.

It’s very existence is a direct violation of the Posse Comitatus Act which prohibits the U.S. military from functioning as domestic police– in concert with the Insurrection Act of 1807 – is to limit the powers of the federal government in using its military personnel to act as domestic law enforcement personnel.

Here is your smoking gun proof, the government does not care about your rights.

Two Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have said they will follow the exercises with extra attention. The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, contacted a top general to ask whether the rights of Texans during the operation will not be violated. He has his own troops ordered to “keep an eye” on the exercise.

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