ISIS Targets U.S. Police Department By Hacking Information

isis targets, cybercaliphate
isis targets, cybercaliphate

New Jersey police officers were attacked by ISIS cyber fighters this week when the cyber group gained access to personal information of 55 New Jersey Transit Authority officers. Personnel at all levels of the department had personal information referencing home addresses, telephone numbers, and work locations stolen. The Caliphate Cyber Army (CCA) created a spreadsheet with the stolen data and placed the information on the web where it was made available for anyone to access. Moreover, during 2015 CCA was responsible for attacking databases of governments around the world, including the Pentagon CENTCOM twitter and YouTube accounts, French Chamber Syndicale National des Armuriersm, and multiple cyber targets in Russia that included municipal government websites. The U.S. Pentagon has vowed action will be taken against the cyber group to stop the attacks.

Branches Of ISIS

The Caliphate Cyber Army (CCA) is a jihadist motivated hacking group affiliated with the jihadist group ISIS. This cyber group targets the databases and websites of government, corporate, and other similar information centers for the purpose of defacing websites and stealing data. Once the hacking group has successfully collected the data they announce their successful theft of sensitive information on the internet and then releases the information gathered. Furthermore, the activities of this group include harassment, cyber attacks and collaboration with other cyber terrorist groups. The Caliphate Cyber Army has recently partnered with the Palestinian cyber hacking group AnonGhost.

ISIS targets, anonghost


ISIS and AnonGhost on Facebook

Facebook has been used extensively by ISIS to promote its ideology to a larger audience. The jihadist group vows to continue to use Facebook amidst the recent threats made to Facebook and Twitter CEOs by supporters of the group ISIS. Although ISIS communication efforts using the media outlets have been disrupted, the hacking group AnonGhost continues to maintain a Facebook page as of the date of this article. Due to this the joint efforts between the two hacking groups would give The Caliphate Cyber Army and ISIS access to continue using Facebook for their purposes.