Is the battle of Waterloo won by Rothschild 200 years ago?

Is the battle of Waterloo 200 years ago won by Rothschild?

Last Thursday, June 18th –was exactly 200 years ago that Napoleon’s troops were defeated, and the era of Napoleon forever ended. South of Brussels near the town of Waterloo the French ruler battled against British, German and North and South Dutch soldiers.

The real winner of the battle of Waterloo have been the banker Nathan Mayer Rothschild. Knowledge is power, and that investors knew two centuries ago Nathan knew in 1815 to be very rich by making use of the most advanced communications technology of his time. The homing pigeon. The rest have moved on horse. Thus he was the first in London who knew that Napoleon lost the Battle of Waterloo, after which he bought in mass in the English state funds, which later increased in value.

The Rothschild banking family grew under the leadership of Nathan Rothschild to become one of the most influential families in Europe. Nathan was eventually knighted for his services to the British crown, the main merit funding the armies of the Duke of Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo.

Stock market Manipulation

In 1913 Ignatius Balla published the book “The Romance of the Rothschilds’, in which the stock market manipulation by Nathan Rothschild was described in 1815, and especially how he had made abuse of his information on the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo to the exchange trading in London to put on the wrong track.

A year later, in 1914, pitched the first Baron Rothschild, the grandson of Nathan Rothschild, a lawsuit in the District Court of New York to ban the book. His reason was that the name of his grandfather was maligned by in his misrepresentation of the events immediately after the battle of Waterloo. The baron lost the lawsuit and had to pay the costs.

Spanish branch

Since 1809 Wellington complained that he could not pay his troops. Derek Wilson writes in his book “Rothschild: A Story of Wealth and Power” that Wellington was forced to borrow at exorbitant interest rates of Maltese and Spanish bankers.

Professor of economic history Miguel López-Morell of the University of Murcia in Spain discovered that the Spanish branch of the Rothschilds financed Wellington’s army before the Battle of Waterloo. Founder of the banking-house Mayer Amscher had his sons strategically scattered across a continent that was constantly at war.