“Incurably ill” man (50) cures cancer with cannabis oil


The 50-year-old Darren Miller from the US state of Illinois wants to let the world know that thanks to cannabis oil he is cured from cancer. He had one year to live, unless that he would undergo chemotherapy, according to the doctors.

“I’m glad I’m still here, given the diagnosis that I have received”, Miller told KMOX News. He had a stack of medical documents with him to prove that he was only a few months after his “death” was no longer ill.

“I have medical documentation to prove it”, Miller said. “It will be interpreted different everywhere, but I have done research myself and on the internet you can find thousands of witness reports.”


After Miller had been diagnosed on his 50th birthday, he went quickly in search of an alternative to chemotherapy with as result ‘blisters in his mouth and bloody hands and feet”.

His wife resigned so she could care for him. The couple moved to California, where Miller began cannabis oil treatment and learned how to make it yourself.

Free From Cancer

Seven months later he was told that he was completely free from cancer. “I have cured myself of cancer”, said Miller. “Is that because of the cannabis oil? Absolutely. Is that because of the chemo? I don’t think so”.

Back in Illinois Miller set up a special cannabis program to help people who are in a similar situation. “We make small quantities and teach other how to do it themselves”, he said. “If you can get cannabis, I can tell you how to save your life.”