Incredible fast moving UFO over Louisville KY #20170522124


Time, date, and place of sighting

Time: 5:12 AM (according to meta info)
Date: 7/5/2014 (according to meta info)
Place of sighting: Louisville KY

UFO features

Color: White
Estimated size of the UFO: –
Shape of the UFO: Orb
Flight direction of the UFO: –


The only reason I am sharing this with you is because you’re the first YouTuber to ever reply back. This happened in Louisville KY during Thunder over Louisville. I think it was 2014 or 15.

You examine the videos and post them if you feel legit. But this happened during a 7 hour period that started at 9 at night.

Me, my girlfriend and her grandmother we’re witnesses. And if you listen to the audio she even says something old people would say about these sightings during the 60s and 80s.


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