Illuminati use Pokémon Go as Government Surveillance Psyop Conspiracy

Illuminati use Pokémon Go as Government Surveillance Psyop Conspiracy

The mobile game Pokemon Go is a mega hype. The camera of your smartphone is turned on while playing the game to capture Pokémon in real world. Because you can only catch some Pokemon near water or forest, players take to the streets massively.

Areas and buildings turn into popular Pokémon sites. Sometimes places are so popular that Pokemon Go is prohibited. Because players walk with their phone in their hand while looking for Pokémon, accidents have already happened.

Pokemon Go turns humanity into an army of addicts in the service of the coming New World Order, Ashley Feinberg wrote for tech blog Gawker. You give Pokémon go not only access to your location and your camera, but also to your Google Account.

Illuminati: Big Brother is Watching You

Pokemon Go is developed by Niantic, founded by John Hanke. Hanke is also co-founder of Keyhole, which was acquired in 2004 by Google. Google was guest at the Bilderberg meeting. The EU declares war together with Youtube internet freedom, Youtube is owned by Google.Keyhole was funded by In-Q-Tel, a venture investor that is government-owned. Keyhole received the most of the money from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), a government agency that collects information from geospatial information, analyzes and disseminates.

What will the Illuminati do with the collected data? The game Pokemon Go is the ideal way to keep an eye on us, says Feinberg. It is addictive and has total access to our phone, new world order?

Safety Tips

If you want as intelligence have pictures of houses or a businesses, put in Pokemon and let your unsuspecting and derivative citizens take the pictures for you with devices that they have paid for itself.

Do you still want to play this game? Redditor leocusmus has some safety tips: Use a backup phone or buy a cheap device, set a VPN connection, make from your original phone a Wi-Fi hotspot and play from your second phone with a fake account on Google.

Is the battle of Waterloo won by Rothschild 200 years ago?

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