Illuminati Dollar – The One Dollar Bill Fully Explained

Illuminati Dollar: One dollar bill fully explained is a study disclosing the true meaning of the symbolism on the one dollar bill. Has it really to do with the Illuminati?

Illuminati Dollar
Illuminati Dollar

Illuminati Dollar is a research by Lions Ground, complete study to educate yourself. So when you hear someone speaking about the Illuminati on the One Dollar bill you know better. Because things are not always what they seem to be.

Nothing is more interesting when you are talking about symbols. They are actually telling you something, the whole world is using symbols. Corporate logos, Company logos, flags, badges, police badge all are different symbols. But they mean something.

I have researched it for a long time, for example the one dollar bill. This, I think the symbols on the one dollar bill is very interesting. For instance on one side you have the eagle. The eagle has two wings, the eagle have a left wing and the eagle have a right wing. That is why you have left wing and a right wing politics. Because the eagle only has two wings. So you only have democratic and republican wings in America. That’s why a third party has never been allowed and will never be allowed because the eagle has only two wings, a left wing and a right wing.

Than above the eagle you see 13 stars. The 13 stars collectively together make up what we call a hexagram or the Star of David. There are 13 stripes in the flag. There are 13 arrows (Symbolizing strength in unity), there are 13 leaves, 13 berries on the olive branch, There are 13 letters in Annuit Coeptis and there are 13 layers of the Pyramid. Count them, 13 layers:

illuminati dollar
13 is the number

On the other side you have the pyramid. Many wonder why there is a pyramid on an American one dollar bill. Below the pyramid or on the pyramid you see 1776 in Roman numerals, the year the Bavarian Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt and If you look at the right-hand circle, and check it carefully, you will learn that it is on every National Cemetery in the United States. And you see in Latin NUVUS ORDO SECLORUM —New order of the ages, New order of the world. You have Bush talking about it “The new world order”, that’s exactly what is happening. The world is taken over to a new order of the world right on the dollar bill. The New order of the ages has began.

Now what’s important about the symbol on the back of the one dollar bill. Virtual no one realizes that the symbol with the pyramid with the eye on the top —What does that represent? Well, there are many many websites and people talking about this symbol and virtually every one of them are wrong. It does not mean what the Christians say it means. It has nothing to do with the Devil, Demons or Illuminati or any of that.

If have been researching this symbols very long. It doesn’t represent the devil, it doesn’t represent Lucifer, and it doesn’t represent anything evil, dark or bad. There are many Christian groups that wants’ to tell you this is the eye of Lucifer, the devil.

The word Devil. Write evil and put a D in front of it and you get devil. The interesting thing about “evil” is that it wasn’t so bad when it was young. In fact, the root of “evil,” the Indo-European “upelo,” meant merely “exceeding proper bounds” or “uppity.” Even in Old English, “evil” was used as a fairly bland, general-purpose negative word, encompassing very nasty things or behavior but also applied where today we would probably just use “bad,” “defective” or “unpleasant.” The use of “evil” to mean exclusively “extreme moral depravity or wickedness” only arose in the 19th century.“Devil” arrived in Old English as “deofol,” meaning “spirit of evil,” drawn from the Greek word “diabolos,” which also gave us “diabolical.” The word God comes from the same root as Good. So, you take an O out of it and it becomes God. God is good, Devil is evil. They are words and I am talking about facts.

All Seeing Eye Capstone: Pyramid
All Seeing Eye Capstone: Pyramid

Here is a fact on the pyramid on the one dollar bill. The pyramid with the all Seeing Eye on the top you see a light around the all Seeing Eye. The light is the sun. The pyramid with the all Seeing Eye is actually the symbol for the messiah in the Hebrew theology. Ancient Hebrew theology Messiah —not Jesus.

In the Hebrew theology they knew nothing about Jesus, knew nothing about the Christian messiah. In the original Hebrew the messiah was understood as a triangle on top of the pyramid. That’s what the word messiah implies. The world messiah twice in the Old Testament. The messiah is referred to the chief cornerstone the builders rejected. Once in Isaiah and once in Psalm. Twice in the Old Testament, the messiah not Jesus. The messiah was referred to the chief cornerstone the builders rejected.

Than twice in the New Testament, Jesus is also referred to as the chief cornerstone the builders rejected. Same interpretation, different words.

Acts 4:11 (ASV) He is the stone which was set at nought of you the builders, which was made the head of the corner.

One in Hebrew, one in Greek and Aramaic.

Christians who do not understand the terminology and are totally wrong “they will say Jesus is the cornerstone of the Church”. Absolutely not! That is not what the bible says. Jesus is NOT the cornerstone of the Church, period.

The scripture says Jesus is also referred to as the chief cornerstone the builders rejected, not the corner stone of the church. Cornerstones can be found on the corner of a building. Jesus is not on the corner of a building. The scripture says Jesus is the peak of the building, not on the corner. Jesus is not the cornerstone of the church he is the chief cornerstone of the church. And the very word cornerstone in Hebrew from messiah to New Testament on Jesus means the same thing. It’s a Hebrew word or a Greek word and they mean the same thing. They mean a chief cornerstone is a triangle perched on top of the pyramid. That’s what the word means.

This symbol on the back of a dollar bill represents the Jewish messiah or for Christians, Jesus the messiah. That’s what the symbol on the one dollar bill actually means. That’s why you see (I have showed you before) on top of the eagle the 13 stars. The 13 stars, the hexagram or what we call the Star of David. So there is a Star of David on the American presidential seal. And the messiah symbol on the back is called the chief corner stone the builders rejected. The dollar bill is completely filled with Christian and Jewish symbols. And if you don’t understand the Jewish occult symbols, ancient symbols used by Israel than you will never understand the dollar bill.

You will find on the dollar bill, the eagle, which comes from the ancient concept of the Phoenix, and has thirteen stars above it. The thirteen stars are arranged in the configuration of the Star of David, or the hexagram. Most people think the thirteen stars represent the original thirteen colonies. In the first place, why did they have to have thirteen colonies? Why couldn’t they have twenty-seven, or four, or ten?When one understands that the number thirteen is a very important, profound Masonic number, and that many of the founding fathers of this country were Freemasons, as well as Rosicrucians, then you will follow this connecting thread of material to see what was actually being created. They knew what they were doing when they divided this country into thirteen colonies. The number thirteen is not an unlucky number for them. It is an unlucky number for you.

Number 13

The whole idea of the eagle holding on one side 13 berries and 13 leaves and the 13 arrows, 13 strips on the American flag.

Why 13? It has to do with numerology coming from the ancient Jewish system and from the ancient Christian system. 13 is masonic, Freemasons or Freemasonry:

13 was a number central to certain traditions of sacred geometry, because it reflected a pattern which could be seen to exist in man, nature, and the heavens. For instance, there are 13 major joints in your body. There are 13 lunar cycles in a solar year, and the moon travels 13 degrees across the sky every day. Six circles placed around a seventh central circle is a model of geometric efficiency and perfection in the second dimension that has been known to mathematicians for ages. But this same configuration in three dimensions consists of 12 spheres arranged around one central sphere, making 13 in all – the most compact three-dimensional arrangement recurrent in nature. A commentator writing about the Aztec calendar once said that, “Thirteen is a basic structural unit in nature. It means the attracting center around which elements focus and collect.” Is this, then, the reason for Christ’s 12 disciples, King Arthur’s 12 knights, or the 12 major constellations in relation to our sun?

13 families are on the top of the pyramid, all researchers agree on families like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds.

Read: Leader of the Illuminati revealed for the other 11 names.

I am drawing you to the fact that so much you see, what you hear each day does not means what you think it means. When you hear somebody talk about the back of the one dollar bill: being demonic, being Horus, being the devil. Just remember, these are Christians and Jewish symbols from the bible.

Illuminati Dollar: The meaning of the pyramid

The pyramid structure represents the building of society for the gradual perfection of human endeavor crowned by the divine operation. The whole entire story is a metaphor for your personal and spiritual enlightenment and that is what the pyramid on the back of the Dollar Bill means.

Illuminati Dollar Bill: Symbols and the Correct Meanings

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  • Heart Whisperer

    Hello Heathcliff,
    Thank you, I learned a lot from this article! I always thought that it was an Illuminati thing too. I never knew it meant the things that you explained. Very informative Heathcliff, thanks for sharing! Hope you are doing well. Peace, love & light to you 🙂

    • Hey my beautiful dear friend, how are you? And thank you very much for taking your time to provide me feedback. I appreciate it a lot.

      To be honest i thought the same, that’s why it’s very important to do your own research. It start with the history and along the symbols and words. What are the true meaning of the words and symbols and where do they originate from. Everything you see right now is not what you think it is.

      If you invest time on this i believe you will also become enlightened, aware of what’s really going on.

      Much love and hugs.

    • toet toet are you still alive?

      • Heart Whisperer

        Yes, I am here 🙂

  • Technolize

    You my friend could not be more wrong, as someone that has studied jewish and christian background for over 15 years i can tell you that you are only scratching the surface and only have the basic knowledge about the symbols meaning. I would advice you to do a more indepth research

    • I don’t think so, if so. It would be better(for you)to come with a good arguments.

  • John

    today we were talking about illuminati in school i came home and i began looking for il.your article was amazing.How can i contact with you?

  • Brad Mundie

    There is an archon force which early Christians were aware of that…demons and spirits are real. Lucifer is one of these archons I personally believe. Anything that you say in this article is pure speculation. Just like anything I say is also speculation. In this world facts and evidence are as rare as unicorns and big foot. You cannot trust anything you hear from anybody without either seeing it yourself or having empirical evidence. Science is a method but what we have now is a religion. I’m all over the place but that’s how this type of stuff is. We can only speak in very vague generalities about things as complicated as these. We are in a spiritual war…The elite’s KNOW it’s real they’ve just convinced a ton of people it’s all bogus. Smart thing for them to do…

    • Brad Mundie

      Illuminati are channeling these archons for guidance…

  • J. Grant

    Look into the pyramids of Giza. The Egyptians referred to the Pyramids as “the Place where man became God”.
    The Pharaoh’s partook in a ceremony at the top of the Pyramid (King’s Chamber) in order to “transcended death” and gain the knowledge of the kings before him.

    It’s also interesting to note these monuments have been claimed to be built in 2,500 B.C… but we can’t carbon date stone, and therefore have no means of accurately dating.

    I believe the art of civilization has been passed down for thousands of years, since the age of leo, in-between global cataclysms, but this last time… someone sinister got their hands on the truth.

    All to make the global drama that much more interesting 🙂

  • mistajay

    Do not be mislead. There are dark powers at work, we don’t fully understand. We live in a system where our very survival is dependant on this instrument. Control. We worship money