How is Oil Formed: “Never proven oil consists of organic residues or is scarce”

How is Oil Formed:

We made a shocking discovery about oil and gasses. How is oil formed? We learn in school that oil is a fossil fuel and is created from organic residues. In addition, we learn that the stock oil is finite. That’s not true, says the American historian F. William Engdahl. He refers to Russian and Ukrainian scientists have discovered that oil is abiotic. For this reason, pointless wars for oil, he writes in an article for New Eastern Outlook.

How is Oil Formed: The Truth

The scientists showed 60 years ago, that new oil is produced constant in the mantle of the earth and is driven towards the surface. They argued that the interior of the earth is a kind of massive radioactive oven where constantly new hydrocarbons are produced.

Stalin did not want to be dependent on Western oil companies and introduced in the fifties together a team of scientists to investigate oil. While the group all scientific literature from the West studied on fossil fuels, they came to the shocking conclusion that there was no proper scientific experiment which showed that oil consists of organic residues, says Engdahl.

Methane Lakes

Russian scientists are now supported by findings from the US space agency NASA. Titan’s images show that the surface of Saturn’s moon methane lakes exist. Ralph Lorenz of the Cassini mission wrote in Geophysical Research Letters that Titan has hundreds of times more hydrocarbons than Earth. It’s raining on the moon literally hydrocarbons, which then form lakes and dunes.

Methane, the simplest hydrocarbon, frequently occurs in areas where never a dinosaur have seen before. Scientists from the Max Planck Institute in Bonn have discovered that  the Horsehead Nebula in the constellation Orion contains huge amounts of hydrocarbons.


In short, oil is not a fossil fuel”, as though Western geologists claim since the 1880s, but have never been proven, says Engdahl. The Western media don’t give any attention because they want to make the world believe that oil is a very rare, organic stuff that arise over a hundred million years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and can only be found in places where oil giants such as Halliburton or Schlumberger say that there is oil in the ground.

Dirty Western Energy Game In Syria Is About Major Oil Projects

Engdahl explains that most of the wars of the last 100 years, until the recent wars in Libya, Iraq and Syria, is about oil. The Hubbert peak or peak oil, the point at which a peak is reached in the oil, is according to him a myth. “The oil never runs out. It’s everywhere”, concludes the historian. “How foolish can you be like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Britain, France or America to engage wars for oil?”

How is Oil Formed? Now you know! New Question, why does the oil price rice worldwide?
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