Honey is the miracle cure for hay fever!

Honey is the miracle cure for hay fever

Summer is here again. A nasty time for people who suffer from hay fever. Thanks to this nasty allergy to grass pollen and other pollen, going outside is almost impossible.

The solution can sometimes be very simple: locally made honey.

The idea behind this theory is that honey from local bee pollen contains exactly who we are so allergic to. By gradually introduce the pollen in your diet your body would be immune.

According to Finnish researchers, this approach is indeed successful. They subjected hay fever patients in a study. Five months before the pollen season began participants received a honey treatment.

Half of the group received honey without pollen, the other half received honey with pollen. The patients who had eaten the honey with pollen, had on average 60 percent less hay fever than those who had eaten ordinary honey.

British Beekeeper Cris Reeves says: “Thousands of people swear by it to the start of the hay fever season to take a spoonful of honey a day as a natural remedy for the symptoms of hay fever. We notice an early increase in demand and expect that will rise as we get closer to the beginning of the summer. ”

Honey is the miracle cure for hay fever

I can confirm that honey is the miracle cure for hay fever. My neighbor, an old female introduced me with honey in my youth. I am really cured from hay fever, i am still sensitive for dust.

Maybe i should eat a spoonful of dust a day?