Hillary Clinton begs Rothschilds for forgiveness in Wikileaks leaked e-mail

hillary clinton rothschilds wikileaks e-mail

Although most people know that money has a significant influence on politics, but few know that most of the money comes from a very select group of individuals.

This world elite has staggering fortunes with which they can formulate policies, not only in the US but around the world. The major part of these elite belongs to the bankers dynasties.

The best known is the Rothschild family, which for over 200 years has been the richest family on earth. Mayer Amschel Rothschild once said: “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”

Intimate Relationship

Rothschild & Co. has a controlling interest in several corporations that span nearly every industry. She is also co-owner of a number of private banks including the International Monetary Fund and many central banks.

Several politicians have made careers by dancing to the tune of the Rothschilds and other wealthy families. Perhaps the best example of this is presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

From leaked emails show that she has an intimate relationship with the bankers dynasty. In e-mail exchanges between Clinton and Lady de Rothschild will pass phrases as “You’re the best,” “Sleep well,” “I am your loyal loving companion ‘and’ Yours Truly ‘.

“Let Me Know What Penance I Owe You”

Lady de Rothschild, who is alone worth $ 20 billion, was present in 1998 at the annual Bilderberg Conference. She was introduced by war criminal Henry Kissinger in 2000 to Sir Evelyn de Rothschild.

The most bizarre email exchange dates from the period when Clinton was still foreign minister. In the e-mails Clinton tells Lady de Rothschild that she had to take Tony Blair to Israel because of the peace negotiations in the Middle East.

Blair was actually planned by the Rothschilds going to Aspen in Colorado, but accepted Clinton’s invitation. Hillary then writes: “I hope you understand it all. Let me know what I owe you. ”

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Power Relations

Is this the normal way Hillary talks? A former bodyguard of her once said: “Compared with Hillary, Richard Nixon is the image of Mahatma Gandhi.”

Why does a “powerful” person as the Minister of Foreign Affairs ask for forgiveness to a citizen? Isn’t it weird that Clinton apologized for the fact that the Prime Minister of England refused an invitation for a weekend with the Rothschilds to participate an important peace negotiations?

The e-mail reveals the power relationships are real and to whom Clinton is accountable for.