Highly developed civilization destroyed in Antarctica by Comet

Highly developed civilization destroyed in Antarctica by Comet
Highly developed civilization destroyed in Antarctica 13,000 years ago by a Comet. Evidence for the existence of this lost civilization!

The author of a controversial new book claims that a highly developed civilization 13,000 years ago was destroyed by a comet. When Graham Hancock published Fingerprints of the Gods, he was ridiculed by scientists. However, the book became a sensation.

Hancock suggests in the book that an ancient culture in Antarctica was destroyed by a comet and that issues such as astronomy and mathematics were transmitted to subsequent civilizations.

Although there were sold an estimated three million copies, the BBC tried to undermine the theory of Hancock in an episode of the Horizon program. The American geologist Paul V. Heinrich said: “He didn’t stumbled upon an archaeological mystery, but created one himself.”

Now, 20 years later, Hancock’s about to release a sequel, called Magicians of the Gods. Hancock, a former journalist, told the Sunday Times: “In 1995 I wrote a book about all the evidence for the existence of this lost civilization. However, I was missing the smoking gun proof. We have it now.”

“A number of scientific studies indicate that the earth was actually hit by a comet 12,800 years ago” he said. “That’s exactly what I say in my book.”

The University of Kansas developed a new method to detect earlier comet impacts on Earth. It looks for traces of nitrates and ammonia in ice cores. In ice cores are traces of these compounds found in ice layers which are formed approximately 13,000 years ago.

Hancock suggests that the comet impact in the ice and left no crater. His book will be published in September.

Book: Fingerprints of the Gods