10 Most Haunted Places on Earth That Are Real 2016/2017


The most haunted places on earth of 2016-2017, a countdown based on 10 best most haunted places in the world. 

A countdown based on extreme paranormal events. A selection of 10 different countries, narrowed down by selecting only the number 1 haunted location of “that” particular country.

From haunted houses, haunted hotels, poltergeist, haunted castles and so much more haunted locations throughout the world that are real and scary. This list makes automatically also the top 10 scariest places on earth.

10 – Fort IJmuiden, the Netherlands

haunted places earth fort ijmuiden

Fort IJmuiden was build in 1888, standing there isolated on a small island to protect the entrance of the canal. In 1940, during WW2, the Germans took over the fort. Many people lost their lives in the most horrific way you can imagine.

Today, the fort is a museum, only accessible by boat. When approaching the Fort you get shivers down your spines,  the fort looks that intimidating.

All kind of frightening experiences has been reported that made “Ghost Hunters International” came to investigate. Claims such as apparitions, feeling very uncomfortable or -sick, especially woman. Sounds of a howling dog at the hallway, heavy metal doors being slammed.

Someone mentioned a door was slammed in front of his face and locked inside. One female witness saw a German soldier in the corner of her eyes. At the moment she faced him, the soldier stared deep at her, took a step back and slowly disappeared. There are also claims they’ve been touched or strangled.