Half a million western people die caused by antidepressants

Half a million western people die caused by antidepressants

In the West each year half a million people die as a result of psychiatric drugs. That says a Danish scientist. He adds that these drugs do more harm than good.

Peter Gotzsche, director of the Nordic Cochrane Centre in Copenhagen, explains in the British Medicine Journal in a devastating analysis that most people do not need antidepressants and drugs against dementia. He says that much research is funded by the pharmaceutical industry, which is often a distorted picture becomes visible.


Gotzsche openly doubts to the effect of the antidepressants Prozac and Effexor. Clinical research shows that placebo works just as well. Animal studies also show that these drugs damage the brains.

They have no positive effect, we may as well stop with all psychiatric drugs, says Gotzsche. We can stop right improved upon with all antidepressants, ADHD medication and drugs for dementia, so that we have a population that is healthier and lives longer.

539,000 deaths

Gotzsche says that three types of medications – antipsychotics, benzodiazepines and antidepressants – causing 3693 deaths each year in Denmark. He estimates that in the US and the EU each year 539,000 people die due to these drugs.

Allan Young of King’s College London and psychiatric patient John Crace disagree with him. They say that psychiatric drugs are just as suitable as other treatments for complex medical conditions.