Google CEO Is The Secret Weapon of Clinton

Google CEO Is The Secret Weapon of Clinton

The president of Google is in a secret society that provides logistical support to the presidential campaign of Clinton. That says Julian Assange in conversation with De Morgen.

Eric Schmidt is very close to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton,” said the founder of WikiLeaks. “He’s the secret weapon of Clinton, which few people know. Obama, Clinton and Schmidt are in the same family. ”

Although the NSA, according to the Australian still collects more information than Internet giants Google and Facebook, the spy agency used a lot of information from these companies. In recent years, Schmidt often attended the Bilderberg Conference, the annual meeting of powerful people on earth.

Assange thinks Europe should end the power of big tech companies ones and for all. “Google and Facebook are way to powerful”, he said. “They determine the mindset of billions of people. You could call it the Disney Land of the internet. Or maybe “digital colonization” the best term to describe it. ”

According to the whistleblower the Internet giants determines what we might know and what not. All controversial information will be kept. Assange calls on Europe to address the media monopolies.

Google Is Illuminati

This is a video about the sabotage practice they do on content they don´t like, just watch  and see they do.

So this article can be sabotaged or even means the end of Lions Ground! Video version of this article is available on YouTube and Dailymotion.