German Politician Exposes European Propaganda Machine

German Politician Exposes European Propaganda Machine

The German politician and economist Sahra Wagenknecht (Die Linke) recently uttered in a passionate speech in the Bundestag her frustrations on the deployment of forces on the border with Russia. She wondered aloud why European countries need billions of additional contributions to NATO to reinforce troops on the Russian border.

“Allegedly takes it all to keep the hostile threat at bay, to deter Putin to take in the Baltic States,” she said. “I would really like to know whether those who spread this nonsense really believe in this for a second.”


“Who moved the border? It was Russia towards NATO or perhaps other way around? “She asked. “The United States has invested five billion dollars in a regime change in Ukraine. The result is a fragmented country full of marauding fascists. ”

“The new arms race is only aimed at keeping the Russian at distance,” Dr. Wagenknecht continued. “I can not think of a dumber argument. Military spending of NATO are currently 13 times higher than that of Russia. And now we need to spend even more money to ensure the security of Europe? That’s madness! ”


“The great politician George F. Kennan called the expansion of NATO towards the east end of the nineties already the most fatal flaw of US policy since the Cold War,” said the politician under an applause. “And yet the pressure is raised again and again with your support, Mrs. Merkel. We believe that is irresponsible. ”

According Wagenknecht it is about time that NATO is replaced by a new safety device that Russia may be involved. “Helmut Schmidt believed already that the US is more dangerous than Russia,” she concluded. “The upcoming presidential elections, in which one chooses an idiot or a puppet may enter of the arms industry the White House, will not make any difference in that.”