From 100 to 19 seizures a day thanks to cannabis

From 100 to 19 seizures a day thanks cannabis

The 3-year Addyson until recently had up to 100 seizures a day. She moved with her parents from Ohio to Colorado, where medical marijuana is legal. Thanks to the cannabis treatment, it’s now a lot better with the girl.

Mother Heather Benton told the station WCPO which Addyson two days after of non-psychoactive THCA was administered. “It’s going fantastic,” said Heather. “She does not have 100 attacks per day, but only 19.”

“They ran without problems,” she continued. “That was very strange to see them because the treatment was always like she was drunk. She wobbled and fell after a few meters to. Six hours after we stuck cannabis patch she was no longer around. We noticed they started doing our hand gestures after we spoke. She also began to imitate people on TV. ”

The Bentons have placed a picture in a Facebook post, the number of seizures Addyson had. Record !!!! Thank you !!!! cannabis “in the description.

The move was in accordance with the family anything but easy. They are not wealthy and in addition there are tensions between family and friends and relatives.

“We have had to struggle to get this drug,” said Heather. “There are so many people who can not afford to move, their children miss the care they so desperately need. Why is this kept away from children?”