Freemasonry protect each other and abuse their power

Freemasonry protect each other and abuse their power

Early this month, divers found in the Albert Canal near Hasselt the body of the former Belgian politician Stevaert. He had to appear in court because of a rape case.

Stevaert would have raped 4.5 years ago a woman as he was a guest on a television program. The victim filed a complaint in early 2013.

He already alluded to the inquest in a “desperate act” if the indictment would be known. Professor William Elias of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel caused a bloodbath with a Facebook message, which read: “For a rape you immediately go to the police or the next day if necessary. Not three years later. ”

Member List

The VUB sent a press release in which it made clear to approve the statements of Elias. The university professor reprimanded after his statements. Which (according to some mild) sanction provided a storm of reactions.

According to economist Geert Noels it has a lot to do with it that Elias and VUB Rector Paul De Knop belong to the same Masonic-lodge.

Freemasonry protect each other and abuse their power, says Noels. The lodge uses her influence to send people to power. Noels wants the list will be published.

This is going to slow down your career

“Elias was” only “a reprimand,” said Noels, founder of asset Econopolis. “The lightest possible punishment. Then I think there is something wrong. Bud has covered the obvious misstep of his fellow Freemasonry with the mantle of love. ”

On Radio 1 (VRT) Noels said there were ever governments in Belgium that were completely out of lodge brothers. He put his thoughts on his Facebook page and received fast feedback.

“A number of people have called me to ask if I was not afraid of reprisals.”

Because it is an open secret: who the lodge kicks in the shins, will sooner or later will get in problems. When I was asked in the past to become a member of Freemasonry, he thanked him for that, it was clear to me: ‘This is going to slow down your career.’ “