Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooter: “I Was Mind Controlled by the CIA”

My mind was being controlled by the CIA to watch ISIS videos

Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooter:
One-fingered salute similar to a pose used by ISIS jihadists

Shooter Fort Lauderdale airport shooting, a 26-year-old active professional soldier, claims to be a victim of MK-ULTRA, this reports CBS News.

According to police sources of CBS News, the 26-year-old gunman, identified as Esteban Santiago Ruiz, visit in November last year the FBI and explained that he was forced to fight for ISIS in Iraq and Syria. He also said that he was brainwashed by the CIA to watch ISIS videos. He was sent to psychiatry after the police were called, according to the sources.

Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooter: "I Was Mind Controlled by the CIA"
One-fingered salute similar to a pose used by ISIS jihadists


MKULTRA, a code name given to an illegal program on human subjects conducted by the CIA. The reasons for this experiment varies from the weakening of people, torture, interrogations, and spiritual intentions, based on official CIA documents that were declassified in 1977.

Tens of thousands of secret CIA files were made public after years of wrangling. These include more than 12,000 documents about the Stargate program, a research into remote viewing, which the intelligence service secretly conducted.

In a one-hour interview with a psychic, Annemarie Smit, she was asked what the CIA could do with spiritual intentions. Her answer comes near to what the shooter claims, manipulation, and espionage.


On Friday, January 6 this year, the suspect opened fire in the baggage claim area, the gunman killed five people and wounded eight in total before he was arrested.

Senator Bill Nelson of Florida said it was unclear whether the military ID was the gunman’s.

“We don’t know a motive at this point,” Nelson said. “This could well be someone who is mentally deranged, or in fact, it could be someone who had a much more sinister motive that we have to worry about every day, and that is terrorism. We can’t conclude that.”

Israel reported that five people were killed, the status about the eight wounded victims is not yet known. The shooter remained unharmed and was interviewed by the FBI.

Shooter Gabrielle Giffords: "I am a victim of MK-ULTRA"

The Sherriff urged people not to call 911 for information about the shooting. The social media platform, Facebook, has a safety check where people can report their status.