Former banker of Satan helped rich Americans to evade taxes

Former banker of Satan helped rich Americans to evade taxes

The American banker and whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld approached the US Department of Justice in 2007.

He said that his former employer, the Swiss bank UBS, helped wealthy Americans evade taxes.

Largest tax fraud

They were shocked at first that someone had the guts to expose the largest tax fraud in the world.

Birkenfeld started in 2001 at UBS. His main task was to persuade rich Americans to store their assets in Switzerland, out of sight of the IRS.

A criminal investigation was opened in February 2009 resulted in a fine of 780 million dollars. That same year the bank received aid from the state worth six billion dollars.


Those involved were given a slap on the wrist and even Birkenfeld was sentenced to 40 months in prison.

He was the only one who ended up after the financial crisis in prison. All banks stayed unharmed. “This is crazy,” said the banker. “It shows how much they hate whistleblowers.”

For his information, he received in 2012 a reward of 104 million dollars. His revelations about UBS were the beginning of the end of Swiss banking secrecy.


Birkenfeld revealed that biggest asset manager in the world is also guilty of the financing of terrorist organizations, money laundering, bribery, extortion, prostitution, drug trafficking, and so on.

In his book Lucifer’s Banker he mentioned including Abdul Aziz Abas, who closed illegal oil transactions with Saddam Hussein and had a $50 million home in New York City.

The Justice Department took no action against Abas said, Birkenfeld. “The government is complicit in the financing of terrorism.”


He noted that former president Obama in a Senate committee which was investigating the criminal activities of UBS, but never showed up at the hearings.

But he accepted millions of dollars from UBS during his presidential campaign.

Obama pointed Eric Holder as Attorney General, who UBS had is a major customer at his former employer. According to Birkenfeld, they have cheated the American people.

Meanwhile, UBS can continue its criminal activities undisturbed.

How the system works

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