Flat Earth Theory 100% Debunked – Forgotten Evidence !

Flat Earth Theory

Flat-Earthers consider our current Earth model as false. The flat earth theory surfaced centuries ago and has been believed by some ancient civilizations the Earth was flat. The modern Flat-Earthers label the spherical model as a government lie based on several theories.

The modern Flat-Earthers originates from the English writer Samuel Rowbotham. In 1849 he published a pamphlet called Zetetic Astronomy. “The Earth not a Globe,” the title of the pamphlet to present the world his scientific research known as today as the flat earth theory. One of them is The Flat Earth Society founded by the Australian Steven McDonald on August 5, 2013. “A place for free thinkers,” according to the website.

“How can it be noon and midnight simultaneously? It is certainly impossible with a flat earth and a sun millions of times more massive,” says physlink. “Pictures and videos taken by orbiting satellites and space stations are certainly the most definitive proof that the earth is a sphere,” they continued.

The Flat Earth Theory Don’t Like Columbus

In the book the works of Washington Irving, Columbus’s assertions that the Earth was spherical was raised scriptural objections.

The free-thinkers or flat-earthers were not thinking really free upon Columbus discovered the Earth had no edge and discredited him “He pronounces the doctrine of antipodes to be incompatible with the historical foundations of our faith” or “This would be, there for, to discredit the Bible, which expressly declares, that all men are descended from one common parent.”

The passage cited from Lactantius to confute Columbus, is in a strain of gross ridicule, unworthy of so grave a theologian. “Is there anyone so foolish,” he asks, “ask to believe that there are antipodes with their feet opposite to ours; people who walk with their heels upward, and their heads hanging down? That there is a part of the world in which all things are topsy-turvy: where the trees grow with their branches downward, and where it rains, hails and snows upward? The idea of the roundness of the earth,” he adds, “was the cause of inventing this fable of the antipodes with their heels in the air; for these philosophers, having once erred, go on in their absurdities, defining one with another.” Objections of a graver nature were advanced on the authority of St. Augustine. He pronounces the doctrine of antipodes to be incompatible with the historical foundations of our faith; since, to assert that there were inhabited lands on the opposite side of the globe, would be to maintain that there were nations not descended from Adam, it being impossible for them to have passed the intervening ocean. This would be, there for, to discredit the Bible, which expressly declares, that all men are descended from one common parent.


When Columbus unwillingly proved the Earth had no edge it became clear the flat Earth theory is more faith based. According to the flat Earth theory the bible mentioned the Earth is flat, based on that the Flat-Earthers are in denial and won’t accept the truth.

The bible does not claim the Earth is flat. The Bible tells in Revelation 7:1 “After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth to prevent any wind from blowing on the land or on the sea or on any tree”. The reference is to the cardinal directions: north, south, east, and west. Similar terminology is often used today when we speak of the sun’s rising and setting, even though the Earth, not the sun, is doing the moving. Bible writers used the “language of appearance,” just as people always have. Without it, the intended message would be awkward at best and probably not understood clearly.There is no way this is possible if the sun is moving in a giant circle centered at the North Pole. Bare in

“He spreads out the northern skies over empty space; he suspends the earth over nothing, ” Job 26:7. The Earth is suspended in space, the obvious comparison being with the spherical sun and moon.

flat earth theory - sumerians solar system saturn
Sumerian Clay Tablets 3600BCE

“He marks out the horizon on the face of the waters for a boundary between light and darkness,” Job 26:10. He described a circle upon the face of the waters until the day and night come to an end. A spherical Earth is also described in Isaiah 40:21-22—“the circle of the earth.” It is He who sits above the circle of the earth, And its inhabitants are like grasshoppers. “When he established the heavens, I was there; when he drew a circle on the face of the deep,” Proverbs 8:27.

Not only the Bible mention the Earth had a spherical shape, the ancient Sumers (Sumerians) perceived the earth 3600-3800 BCE to be one of many spherical globes circling the sun, since everything in the sky was round, and the moon can be seen to be a spherical object. In the middle ages, they believed the Earth was in the center of our solar system. The Sumerians were able to draw planet Saturn with the circle on a clay tablet 3600 BCE. The bible is only 3,400 years old and has a lot of comparisons to any other religious books with the faith of the Sumers.

Flat Earth Theory - Flat Map
Flat Map

Edge of the World

It remains surprisingly silent and unanswered when someone asked at The Flat Earth Society why nobody explored the edge of the world. According to the flat Earth theory, the earth has the North Pole in the center and Antarctica as a wall around the edge.

This is the generally accepted model among members of the society. The earth is surrounded on all sides by an ice wall that holds the oceans back. This ice wall is what explorers have named Antarctica and nobody knows what lies behind the walls, according to TFES.

The farthest object visible with the naked eye is the Andromeda galaxy, located an astonishing 2.6 million light-years from Earth. According to this scientific fact it would not be a problem to see the edge of the Earth while flying altitude nearly at the edge of space on locations the flat Earth theory claims as the edge of the Earth. Watch the videos below, from 5 different locations people have send balloons to the edge of space.

24 hour sun in Antarctica

This video shows a time lapse of the 24 hour sun in Antarctica, which is impossible on a flat Earth. The sun is moving in a clockwise direction in the sky. You can see a wrist watch in the shot, so this wasn’t taken in the Arctic and reversed. You can also see Scott Base in the background. You can see Scott Base on Google Earth. The sun is clearly visible for 24 hours. There is cloud cover for part of the video, but you can clearly see that it is still day and you can see where the sun is through the clouds. I make these points in the anticipation of the insane objections flat Earthers will make.

There is no way this is possible if the sun is moving in a giant circle centered at the North Pole. Bare in mind, at the same time there is 24 hours of darkness in the Arctic. Flat Earthers would have us believe that the sun can shine at all points around the edge of a flat Earth, even when it is on the opposite side of the flat Earth, whilst being invisible at the center of the flat Earth.

9 Facts About Conspiracy Theories That Proved To Be True

Balloon to the Edge of Space South Australia

South Australia is one of closest location near the edge of the world.

High Altitude Balloon Near Space Project New Zealand

New Zealand lies closer to the edge of the world than Southern Australia.

Near Space Balloon GoPro – Project Cirrus – Brazil

Brazil can be considered as the nearest location of the edge of the world.

GoPro into space Balloon HD – Argentina 2014

Argentina is according to the flat Earth map close to the edge of the world.

West Antarctica Spider Balloon Launch

Antarctica is considered as the edge of the world according to the flat Earth theory. However, the footage below shows you…

“In all five videos the camera was spinning 360 degrees, hold a tennis ball and when you point five spots on different locations on the ball you discover you are always in the center of the ball just like in the five videos. The distance between the horizon and the camera always remains the same no matter you are in New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Argentina or Antarctica. Which is not possible when the Earth is flat”. Below you see an illustration:

flat earth theory debunked

The video version of the Flat Earth Theory 100% Debunked – Forgotten Evidence.

Flat Earther Tiago Brandao

Tiago Brandao said the following: “Trying debunk flat Earth without any scientific approach isn´t debunking it, nice try anyway ;)”. He continued, “at least i did my scientific approach and proved wrong your believe, because in this video you didn´t presented one single scientific evidence disproving it. By all means continue believing in your blind science ;). Show me some curved water because the planet is 70% of it and good luck on that denier”

Curves Flat Earth Theory Debunked
Mathematical explanation

Unfortunately Tiago Brandao is in denial, ignoring the radius of planet Earth which has influence on personal visual distance, small people see less far than tall people. Also he forget how far and how wide an eye can see.

NASA Is a Hoax

If NASA is a hoax, how can a little boy of 15 years old use satellite images from space agencies such as NASA and JAXA (Japan) and Google Earth and discovered a third city called the 118th city K’aak Chi or cannon? This proofs two things: NASA is not a hoax and the satellite images are real, meaning the earth is a globe.

Teen discovered that 100 Maya Cities are connected with constellations

Curvature of the earth(new)

The Sun

flat earth theory sun

See 3D drawing below: Made in ratio (KMs) based on the flat earth theory. Something the Flat Earth Theory is not showing you either.

According to the flat earth theory the Sun’s diameter is 32 miles(51.49km’s) and is located approximately 3000(4828.032 kms) miles above the surface of the earth. The radius of Earth is 25000 miles(40233.6 kms). Fascinating that this small dot a large part can illuminate the earth. Don’t you think? Why is https://wiki.tfes.org/Sun or any Flat earth society skipping the size of the Sun? Except for https://www.theflatearthsociety.org/tiki/tiki-index.php?page=The+Sun

However, nobody can provide some scientific evidence how they know the Sun’s diameter is 32 miles, that is located approximately 3000 miles from earth and that the radius of Earth is 25000 miles?

The oblate spheroid I call Earth have an average diameter of 7,918 mi (12,742 kms) [source].

The suns’ diameter is about 109 times that of Earth, and its mass is about 330,000 times that of Earth, accounting for about 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System.[Prof. Michael Woolfson]

flat earth theory sun debunked
flat earth theory sun debunked

Conclusion: The Flat Earth Theory

It basically comes down that the Free-Thinkers are not thinking free at all, especially when critical questions are being asked.

This article proof that the flat Earth theory can be considered as a hoax to test the intelligence of human kind. Their current scientific studies are based on air, the more complicated theories the better, because for many people the unknown happens to be more convincing.

There is no need to theorize any longer the Earth is flat, “it’s invalid science and an insult to science” to apply the flat Earth theory on a spherical Earth and an insult to Einstein and human intelligence in general.

Flat Earthers Have a Mental Abnormality

Borderline personality disorder:
They have reported 6 symptoms of BPD at a moderate to severe degree. Because they have 5 or more symptoms of BPD at this level, thus meeting the criteria for the disorder, they may wish to be evaluated by a psychiatrist or other mental health professional who is skilled in this area to determine if they have the disorder, and possibly a co-occurring disorder as well.

More info: https://goo.gl/eGngPU

Their score is 33, out of 40. Higher scores indicate greater levels of narcissism.

– not capable of putting the organization’s needs before his or her own [ego] needs.
– wants you to feel like you are losing your mind, keep you guessing and doubting yourself. Then you become dependent on him and he is in control. Eventually, you see him for what he really is. You are now able to be free!
– Their lack of empathy colors everything they do. They may say, “How are you?” when you meet, but they are working from memory. They are not interested in how you are.
– Virtually all of their ideas or ways of behaving in a given situation are taken from others, people they know and perhaps think of as an authority (mirroring).
– Their sense of self-importance and lack of empathy means that they will often interrupt the conversations of others.
– Listen for the constant use of “I”, “me” and “my” when they talk.
– They feel that the rules at work don’t apply to them.
– They will always cheat whenever they think they can get away with it.
– If you share workload with them expect to do the lion’s share yourself.
– They love to delegate work or projects, then interfere by micro-managing it. If it goes well, they take the credit, if it goes badly they blame the person they delegated it to.
– There tends to be higher levels of stress with people who work with or interact with a narcissist, which in turn increases absenteeism and staff turnover.
– They get impatient and restless when the topic of discussion is about someone else, and not about them.

See full result https://goo.gl/fd4uph

Reality anxiety:
Reality anxiety is fear of real-world events. The cause of this anxiety is usually easily identified. For example, a person might fear receiving a dog bite when they are near a menacing dog. The most common way of reducing this anxiety is to avoid the threatening object.

Reality anxiety brings us to denial and Ineffective denial:
in psychiatry, a defense mechanism in which the existence of unpleasant internal or external realities is denied and kept out of conscious awareness. By keeping the stressors out of consciousness, they are prevented from causing anxiety

Ineffective denial a nursing diagnosis accepted by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, defined as denial that is detrimental to health when a person makes a conscious or unconscious attempt to disavow the meaning or even the knowledge of an event in order to reduce anxiety or fear.


Those are the same kind of people that listens to Alex Jones or are listening to Alex Jones.

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    hi lionsground, don’t forget the GEOSYNCHRONOUS ORBIT…. round earth…. lol

  • M4rkV3n0m .

    Look I am not a flat earth supporter, but there is a lot of misrepresentation, biased statements and outright lies in your article, which further down completely devolves into the generalisation of mental illnesses projected onto a certain group. That my dear sir makes you look arrogant, narcissistic and derogative. Not good. Bad style.

    • Dear @m4rkv3n0m:disqus
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Can you point out the misrepresentations?

      • Trine Skofterud

        Geocentric model and helicentric model are just two models of the world. You have never yourself flown directly across the south-pole or been in a rocket out to geostationary orbit. As for my argument further up in the comments, if you accept the lack of the video I ask for, then I dare call you an ignorant!

        Also, not one(1) video shows 24 hour midnightsun on the antarctic. Who was the first to ever fly across the south-pole, history books does not say, Admiral Byrd never did, he flew back to the base.

        So you should be more careful about talking about mental illnesses. Even if world is round, then why not film with a camera attached to a rocket, the whole trip it takes to put a satellite into geostationary orbit, we never see such a video anything higher than 385.000 feet! if you accept that such a trip is not worth making a film of, then I dare call you an ignorant!

        I have a degree in natural sciences, at University level, and I am not comfortable with the lack of such a video, and I am not going to be “afraid” to say that, I say “YES” to freedom of speech! There are other things too that does not fit well into the RE-model! Of course, we should argue with logic, and that is exactly what I do, argue with logic!

      • Batman

        For one @m4rkv3n0m:disqus is right! The most obvious error is your mathematics. For every Mile or 1609.34meters one should loose approximately 1in of height or 2.54cm. That is not the case regardless of how high you go. Second, the cameras picture experiments, is also wrong. You see the same are will still be covered by the camera, that’s a constant, however, not the same amount of land. You’re picture is most likely computer generated. Also, I’m not a flat farther, I’m a mathematician. And just as I doubt the heliocentric universe, I doubt the geo centric one. There’s no concrete proof of neither. Just like there’s not concrete proof of flat vs globe model of earth.

        • Batman “For every Mile or 1609.34meters one should loose approximately 1in of height or 2.54cm,” what are you referring to?

          “Second, the cameras picture experiments, is also wrong. You see the same are will still be covered by the camera, that’s a constant, however,
          not the same amount of land. You’re picture is most likely computer
          generated,” what picture?

    • Report Truth

      instead of calling people names why not just point out the errors and provide your research.

      • Batman

        As if he @lionsground:disqus didn’t imply name calling in the article. @disqus_ReportTruth:disqus.

    • @m4rkv3n0m:disqusfor some reason you remain silence.

  • Nicachipal

    Interesting article ! I have to admit that I was sharing some of the thoughts from the Flat Earther. Something I asked myself back when I was living in Germany (20 years ago) and going back and forth (Germany – America), is why I couldn’t see the curvature of earth. Everything seems too flat to me. But that was just a thought. Newly you hear a lot about this conspiracy and it makes you think for a moment, but at the same time most of the things they say are not consistent.

  • Bravos22

    Holy shit. Im calling him names. He deserves it. This guy is a fucking cock sucking wack job!! He doesn’t know shit about shit. To write this much about a topic you obviously know dick about is a false fucking flag in the 1st place. I mean what’s the point?!?!? If the earth is obviously round then why write an intricate article refuting it’s opposition and then officially classifying those who are oppossed to it as having all and any metal illness that there is….like you’re the authority on scientific truth and an expert on the intelligence of people you’ve never met. You look like a fuckin queer in your picture. Why don’t you write an article about that. That’s probably the only thing you’re an expert on.

    • Apparently you check out pictures of dudes and i’m a queer, someone is
      being very hypocrite now. You call me names how much you want. Unfortunately even that isn’t your strongest point and apparently reading either. This article disproves the flat earth theory, only low intelligent species like you really believe in this.

      You have your head so far up in your own ass that you can’t see the facts anymore. That explains you talk shit.

      So this article filled with proof and facts gets a comment like yours?
      Thank you for showing, because you represent the average flat-earther.

      Apparently you don’t have balls either, hiding behind an anonymous identity.

      Dennis J. Markakis, under ip address is: Shall i call your ISP Windstream Communications Inc to report abuse?

      • Bravos22

        Lol what abuse? If damaging your ego is abuse i guess im guilty…you answered none of the questions in my original comment about what the point of all this is? You argue your case like it’s not even arguable. But apparently it is. The fact that this topic is arguable is intriguing in and of itself. Now here’s the key to “winning” the argument…if you argue in favor of the globe model you’re not required to use your brain. All you have to do regurgitate “facts” that support your position and you “win”. If you try to debunk the flat earth model without using your brain you will indeed “debunk” it. But if you use your brain when researching this topic you’ll see the truth little by little. The earths curvature cannot be demonstrably measured, only the opposite can be demonstrated and observed. Research it. Airys Failure proved long ago that the earth is stationary. You can research and demonstrate that yourself. And the documentary The Principle proves scientifically using microwave mapping and imaging of the universe that the earth is the dead center of the universe. Refute that unless you’d prefer to start using your brain.

        • Finally we are getting started.

          Let’s start with the first one. You claim: “The earths curvature cannot be demonstrably measured”.

          You are claiming it so I expect you proof it too. Otherwise you are unable to debate.

          • Bravos22

            It’s been proven time and time again. Objects being seen beyond the supossed “curvature” of the earth. Have you not researched this? Surely you have since you wrote an ENTIRE article on the matter. 8 inches per mile squared is the sperical trigonometry pertaining to a sphere with a circumference of 24,000 miles. Do you know what that means? It means that ships at 60 miles away should NOT be able to see the Statue of Liberty on a clear day, but they can. If the earth were round, then the earths curvature would have “hidden” it below 2000 feet of “earth curve”…that’s just 1 example. There’s tons more. Look it up for yourself. Do your own research and think for yourself. Don’t rely on second hand knowledge.

          • That’s not true. I often travel by boat and I see other ships half way even 3/4 down the curvature. If you have traveled by boat and looked at far distance ships you know what I am talking about. That is obvious done by the curvature.

            What do you expect you standing on a gigantic globe? Have you ever performed research what a tiny little creature like us can observe?

            The photo below tells you are incorrect.

          • A view across a 20-km-wide bay in the coast of Spain. Note the curvature of the Earth hiding the base of the buildings on the far shore.

          • Chicago.

          • You visit this article and start a debate. You want to convince me or the reader I am false, that the planet is flat.

            No disrespect, you are entitled to believe in anything you want. It change the story when you claim your believe is the truth.

            3 simple photos everyone can verify and everyone can test for themselves so they can see the curvature. These 3 photos are showing the curvature.

            I live in Marbella, I can see Gibraltar in far distance.

          • I am closing this debate with the last photo of Gibraltar. No use to continue debating on this while all the photos even the one I created are disproving your claim there is no curvature.

          • Gerardo Carrillo Peña

            Oh look this guy is going down the curvature of the earth! This is irrefutable proof that the world is a sphere… please man, your videos don’t proof anything, your videos show curved, concave and flat earth, which will it be? and which is it more likely to be


          • al

            the camera height is less than the man height and the ground in this photo is not plane! you are genius!!!!!!

          • Stu

            Definitely no worse than many of the tricks used by FE’ers. But then they don’t just lie with photos, their endless memes and personal extremely NON scientific Facts have anyone with a modicum of common sense either cringing or laughing.

            Let’s be fair, a large percentage of FE scientific FACTS are a very long way from being factual. In the past month I’ve been told that your precious dome is made of Glass, Sapphire, and a substance made by God which nobody knows about. Unbelievable.

            Why is it everything and everybody who denounces your Flat Earth is a Fake. Every photo showing the Earth as a ball is Photoshopped. Every video of anything which shows the FE to be wrong is CGI and anything of a scientific nature is BS. It seems to me the entire FE theory is based on lies and deceit. Claims that every person on Earth who doesn’t believe our world is flat has been brainwashed from birth to believe the Earth is Round. That’s quite some undertaking, keeping more than 7 billion people hypnotised for every day of their life. How childish and naive. How utterly insulting and how very wrong.

          • Tuna Dalcam

            Why do you even take the time to explain this?

            They blamed the author for having bias and/or having insulted the so called flat earthers. Well if you ask me, i would say that he was actually being POLITE to them. I mean continuing this debate and still believing that the earth is flat (even though having invented things like gyro sensors or magnetic field imitating technologies) is simply “moronic”.

            Their state of mind is even worse than somone who just killed a man in front of a 100 people, who took photos, videos of the incident many times over, having monitored by more than 10 security cameras and denying to murder that man. Even this kind of story can sell in a court to some extend but FLATNESS OF THE EARTH!!! OH MY!

          • Thank you @tunadalcam:disqus

          • Bravos22

            Ok lol you’re officially an idiot. U really think thats what you’re seeing???? Because if you do there’s only 2 explanations. 1 you’re a paid shill. And I’d put my money on that. Or you really dont understand how perspective works. All globers argue you can’t detect the curvature, yet will argue you can see things go over it. I’m not gonna waste ALL of my time educating you on perspective but you should take the time to look at what the real reason is for those pictures. The ground and sky actually create something at our eye level called a horizon. Its also a vanishing point for objects in the distance. Those objects merge with the vanishing point from the bottom up. You can even observe this on a long straight stretch of roadway. Objects disappear from the bottom up as they get further away without going over curvature. Even if there was curvature we wouldn’t be able to see boats go over it! We can only see 3 miles to the horizon idiot and there isnt enough curvature in a mile to hide a boat. Are you stupid??

          • Disrespecting people calling names, labeling people and ridiculing is not the definition of educating. But that is how ‘you’ respond on my confrontation with evidence.

            The debate between you and me clearly shows you are in denial and trying to write down excuses. The “The ground and sky actually create something at our eye level called a horizon” we both know that is not true. We both know we are on a globe and if something is far enough you see this object lower. As explained in my article.

            Due the fact you disrespect me throughout the debate I am banning you from this website. Good luck trolling somewhere else, based on your activity you are very good at it. But not here.

  • nu\

    this doesn’t prove nothing since your info is not valid also.

    You change Antarctica by artic. In artic you see the sun like as you show there, 24hrs day. I can see almost happening here where I am now, specially in summer. During the winter the sun is at the bottom. In antartica you dont have 24hrs sun.

    Regarding to your balloons, be honest. You see what you want to see. When the balloon starts to go down you see a ball earth, when it curves upwards you see a inverted ball. Don’t confuse people neither create weak evidences to prove this subject. Everybody knows from outspace nothing comes more than CGI stuff. So why should we think about this… I dont know if its flat, but i also agree that are stuff that we don’t understand. They try to hide god, that’s the most clear stuff we can see.

  • Trine Skofterud

    Not one(1) video, with camera attached to a rocket, show a rocket go higher than 385.000 feet!

    Meaning, when satellites are set into geostationary orbit, never has this been filmed with a camera attached to a rocket.

    Hence: either satellites are fake, or no one bothers to film this! I am not comfotable with either of the alternatives.

  • Gerardo Carrillo Peña

    This guy is clearly going over the earth’s curvature! There you go flatearther fucktards! science!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/93943fe881a229d98154bbe33f7931fd7edcec8eb3d1b53405e74783def11488.png

    • Rodney P Haltom

      I hope you are kidding! … the earth curves that much over a football field? hahaha

      • Batman

        Right….LMAO! HAHAHA @Gerardo Carrillo Pena, you are seriously a fucken retard!

  • Hannah Rogers Robertson

    Seriously?? I’m 30 years old. Mom. Wife. Writer. Artist. History buff. Rational person. But I’m also a “flat earther.” Labeling all of us as mentally ill is insulting and misinformed. Which “expert” studied us? That sounds highly unprofessional and even unlikely. Who agreed to be studied?

    Also, those videos are all taken with fish-eye lenses and are probably not even of height to test for curvature. Most commercial planes only go to 40k and supposedly you can’t see the curvature from them. I’ve NEVER seen a video of the curvature from a non-fish eye camera, and when corrected for it, most show flatness.

    There are many, many ideas and proofs for flat earth. As many or more logical answers, often even MORE logical than ball earth. No wonky eliptical orbits, no magic gravity that holds oceans but not birds, etc. The Fibonacci sequence, mandalas, clock faces, etc. coincide beautifully and symmetrically with flat earth. Not to mention the multitude of ancient cultures that spoke of a central tree, or mountain in the MIDDLE of the world. Vedic, Norse, Buddhist and Mayan cosmology match with flat earth. Everything from eclipses, to tides, to disappearing ships can be explained by flat earth model and saying otherwise is simply misinformation. I have tried to debunk it and the only thing that truly makes me question it is the vastness of the conspiracy.

    • Where is your proof? Making claims the earth is flat while you have no proof is disinformation. You are twisting the story and that said this confirms my mental analysis about flatties.

      Nobody ever has gone missing when seeking for the edge (nobody every searched for it either). Why don’t you make a selfie with the edge in the background. Good luck!

  • Tony anon

    So pointing to Columbus is awful. You must not realize the round earth was an idea long before this man- at least if you don’t go on history based out of a 3rd grade textbook lol. Also oddly- no flat earthers thought you would fall off the earth, as all believed it is an enclosed system. This was even more so in older days, as these were first maps made. Yet you have no explanation as for what Christopher- the gold hunting rapist, thought would hold him to the earth, because no one quite believed in gravity yet…… Do me a favor and grab some chalk and draw a circle on the ground, and mark a big line though the side, now walk around the circle until you get to that point. Congrats, you proved circumnavigation Columbus…. No one thought it impossible at the time. Wait, you weren’t taught to think logically in school, just believe what the book says.

    Amazing the pyramids, ancient cities- all based on constellations that haven’t moved from position, though not traveling with earth 1000mph through the universe- very good proof NASA is not a hoax- they showed mayans the constellation patterns, now I get it. Pretty amazing even with belief in a flat earth how accurate their calendar, and prediction of moon patterns was… another solid point you make against yourself. And those neat planes that fly over the earth taking images- admitted by NASA… No GPS from these awesome satellites in southern hemisphere either, pretty cool huh?

    As for the bible referencing a still earth- not rotating around a sun while spinning 1000 mphs, and traveling through the universe at approx. same speed…….. not a sphere, a circle. I guess you didn’t really research the bible, or book or Enoch- maybe Nimrod? You know the guy who tried to build a tower to gate of Heaven- the one Australia named their first voyage to explore Antarctica after? Nothing about operation high jump or Colonel Byrd in your reference to Columbus and edge of world thinking? How about operation Fish Bowl? They all match that FIRMANAENT in the first book of the bible you left out, GENESIS.

    Um Antarctica exploration…. Antarctica Treaty- guarded by military… pretty simple.

    Horizon, hold a basketball under your face, then move it down while looking out. That is what happens raising elevation on a globe. Wait your horizon comes closer to you. I’d rethink your argument on this one- as it’s based on unproven theories and trickery with a globe.
    Now for gravity- the day you give me a formula for gravity in water- IN water, how density plays such a big role, and will push an object to surface of water, while holding a ship on earth- while water itself is being pulled to a curve- yet gravity doesn’t exist through water, just on it…. makes a lot of sense, and I will not except it just is.
    Especially as you beloved NASA has engine EmDrive that “disproves” GRAVITY- meaning ALL calculations are wrong….

    No I do not know distance of sun, moon- I don’t doubt moon could be sphere- or half of one at the least, we really only get to see that, and based on globe thinking- that’s all that can be proven so that’s all that exist. Works both ways- right? Go track the Space station on the neat software, and change date settings on your computer- still think it’s live tracking? LOL-

    I am not certain the earth is flat, but it makes more sense then what we have been told. Next time you attempt an article disproving a flat earth- try not to call someone who questions what they say a narcissist, while PROVING you put in no research, and only prove you are ill informed and most likely exactly what you attempt to cast on others for not blindly believing everything, but attempting to find answers for themselves.
    For me if the earth is flat, we found the edge, which is proof of God. And if I wanted to hide God, I’d create a globe- which we should consider when discussing the Sumerian text proven to be dated later than originally thought- and claim to worship Satan- who is the great deceiver…..

    • Once they thought that the horizon was the edge. Pointing to Columbus is therefore not awful. Flat earthers base their faith solely on fault executed theories, but no one can prove the edge, in centuries of time . That the earth is a ball, has been proven too many times. Previously, they had already suspected that the Earth was not flat, do did not believe but suspected, the flat earthers believe the earth is flat.

      I skip your religious(Satan) views, this reminds me that all redheads are witches.

      I admire your spirit, you’ve read the last part? You have that ailment. You call all sorts of meaningless things, and denial all the evidence in this article.

      Antarctica Treaty- guarded by military? What? That’s just a self creation, a fantasy. I distinguish myself with other researchers and especially separate myself from flat earthers by talking with locals and businesses at Antartica. I know for a fact you didn’t do that. I covered that btw in one of my videos.


      Come back when you have made a selfie with the edge in the background, you guys are not entitled to claim things until its proven.

  • mark amoah

    You obviously a part of the problem and possible getting favours from the same group of people that are trying or have enslaved us mentally for all these years. I would suggest you prove something substantial rather than use derogatory languages to force your egocentric brain wash to ridicule yourself. Unfortunately for you and your masters we are waking up now and damn sure will bring all the deceptions to light.

  • 1enoykcul

    That video of 24 hours sun in antarctica is a total fake proved by the letters of the direction words are seen to pass behind the clouds which proves video editing and layers of effects imposed on top of each other is taking place.CLoud layers imposed over top of text layers Eg the words north south etc. This proves massive effort taking place to fraudulently discredit the flat earthers. this proves an agenda is occurring of disinformation and hiding what is possibly the truth of a flat earth.

    • Your claim is false @1enoykcul:disqus and let me explain you why. The text fades out, the moment the text fades out means the transparency increases and the background shows through it.

  • Arppa

    No curvature,you are mkultra psy-op masonic judaistic rothchildic forces,nasa satan liars.
    No space at all. Dome above,FIRMAMENT. No life to satan followers. Abyss awaits.

    • Look what you’ve wrote down haha. Are you ok?

  • Cyramor11

    I’m really hoping you’re not serious

  • Edgardo Vila

    Well I find that there is support for a flat world and one of the strongest is gleason new standard map of the world which says “Scientifically And Practically Correct”on it. It is a flat earth map from 1892.There are also flat earth weather balloon videos from 121,000 feet up. Moreover more continents are listed on a 1544-1613 Map called Monte Urbano Map. There is also the fact that every floor everywhere is flat. Then you got water being flat on top from one end to the other in every container, examples include water bottles, glasses of water, pots of water, sinks full of water, fishtanks full of water, ponds, puddles, lakes, swimming pools, water appears to be level/flat where ever it settles. Then there are people like Jarle Andhoy ship named Berserk arrested jailed fined 25,000 for exploring the edge, why? If it’s a ball he’d just come out the otherside no harm done. Then there is the fact that Nikola Tesla said gravity does not exist! And that socalled gravity we can observe ourselves not to pull down anything examples include clouds, Helium balloons, smoke, gasses, fish, paperclips on a low powered magnet, items inside density beaker tests, floating things underwater go up examples bobbers, basketballs, etc…Also we see that if a helicopter hovers over the US, china will not come underneath that helicopter; otherwise travel would be easy just hover from whereever you are at and wait for countries to come to you, which at 1,000 miles per hour rotation they would come really fast. Yet we find this is not the case as all trips are long on flights. It does not rain upsidedown unto Australia and mountains don’t bend backwards.Horizon means horizontal doesn’t it? Planes are called plane as in broad flat plane or air plane as in in the air over the broad flat plane, not spheres not air spheres not ballers not air ballers, PLANE. Due to tunnel vision we have and the vanishing point railroad tracks appear to end in front of us so we can’t see the rest of them ahead unless we walk forward and they appear in our view, so we can’t see railroad tracks ahead of us after a short distance yet we can see the sun moon stars hmm. A high zoom camera can pull boats and ships that appeared to go over the horizon back into view thus revealing no curve. Nikon P900 camera videos of planets and stars reveal they are not solid nor look anything like textbooks and so called space agencies have shown us. Kansas Flatter Than A Pancake Experiment revealed Kansas the 400 mile long state to be literally flatter than a pancake. Complete flatness 1.0, Kansas 0.997, the pancake 0.95. Laser beam tests have also proven the world flat. Nasa exmember Matthew Powerland aka Matthew Boylan says the world is flat. Nasa Publication 1207 says “flying over a flat, non-rotating earth” and “stationary atmosphere”. When you jump a wall does not smack you mid air and when you come down you are in the same general spot, if the world were rotating this would not be the case. So then you gotta ask why the globe pics everywhere and why lie? 19.5 Billion just went to NASA this year. If this is not enough to convince you look up Salt Flats South America and you will see 10,528 SQUARE KILOMETERS OF FLATNESS, Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat at 10,582 square kilometers. It is located in the Daniel Campos Province in Potosí in southwest Bolivia, near the crest of the Andes. Then there is international places using flat earth maps and logos like International Meteorological Organization(weather), International Maritime Organization(Sailing), The U.N./United Nations(Political), and International Civil Aviation Organization(Flying). Hanging items don’t even wiggle. Meteors some have found out to be fireworks attached to balls dropped from planes. You don’t feel movement under your feet. Also so called earth quakes can be caused by other things than the world doing it, earthquake generators, digging under the earth (D.U.M.B.)deep underground military bases, Fracking, displacement of filled areas by digging/drilling for raw materials, etc…Don’t be so quick to discount the flat earthers hear them out atleast then do some research. Also Auguste Piccard went the highest anyman could go and almost died and came back down to tell people “it(the world) seemed flat with upturned edges”. I am not super religious either nor does one have to be to be a flat earther. I am simply questioning things and the spinning orbiting ball thing makes no sense so I’m open to other possibilities. Tesla said it has no edge. He said the stars are attached to the firmament. He said the sun is wirelessly powered through electromagnetism. There is a map that shows a magnetic mountain at the north pole area. I don’t know every single thing but I am open minded and I don’t put down flat earthers or infinite plane earthers I listen to them. I don’t know for certain if there is a dome although GO FAST ROCKET 2014 ROCKET HITS THE DOME videos seem to suggest that. There are also natural cures for everything and that also was kept away from us. Like garlic is antiviral removes all viruses, onions natural antibiotics, cayenne pepper jumpstarts the heart and stops heart attacks, Turmeric pulls out inflammation and pain when applied to skin and rubbed in wherever pain is, cranberry juice removes infections, applecider vinegar cures you from a wide variety of things, Rutin gets rid of hemorrhoids fast it is also a natural birth control prevents implantation. Dong Quai and Blue Cohosh and High amounts of vitamin C without rosehips are also natural birth controls. So we are not taught these things and yet we expect that they told us the truth about our world W.T.F..Meditation I hear cures a lot of things too that the melatonin flows from the Pineal gland kills cancer cells boosts the immune system resets the bodies clock retards ageing shrinks tumors and many other good things. When is the last time tv told you any of this? I suggest you shut it off and go research.

    • Hahah that’s one big juicy paragraph.

      “It is a flat earth map from 1892” correct, in 1892 we had not invented satellites.