FBI document contains information about alien bodies, spaceships and planet


More and more Americans want their government discloses matters about flying saucers. The head of Hillary Clinton’s election campaign, John Podesta, said on CNN that the US government needs better answer questions about UFOs.

In February last year, when he was a top advisor to President Obama, he tweeted: “My biggest failure of 2014: once again failed to disclose the UFO documents.”

Clinton mentioned in January she know that there are rumors of contact between the United States and extraterrestrial life and she wants to find out to the bottom. “Podesta confirmed that Clinton, if she is elected president in November, will allow as many as possible documents on Area 51 and make public. “And I think that’s a promise that she will hold,” he said. But have Clinton our best interests?

Very Interested

The White House insists it has no information on this subject. Yet the FBI, CIA and NSA released several secret UFO documents, suggesting that people are very interested in this phenomenon.

The FBI The Vault archives you can find very interesting document. The document, which can be found here(pages 21 and 22), is aimed at “certain prominent scientists, military authorities and a number of officials.”

It is a letter about aliens and UFOs that was sent to the Director of the FBI Washington, “Lieutenant Colonel [blackened] G2 (military intelligence) in San Francisco today announced that he has no further information and our Seattle office has all the information known to him and further handles the matter in Tacoma, Washington.”

The document contains a copy of a letter written by ‘a former dean’ with different university diplomas.

In the letter provides inter alia:

  • A portion of the discs is manned, while others are remotely controlled
  • They come in peace and plan to settle on this planet
  • The visitors resemble humans, but are much longer
  • They come from another world
  • The disks transmitting a particular kind of energy
  • They do not come from a “planet”, but an ethereal planet which overlaps the earth and is not visible to us
  • The bodies of the visitors and ships materialize automatically as they adapt to the vibration of our dense matter
  • They can return to the ethereal world and without a trace disappear into thin air whenever they want
  • They do not come from the astral plane, but Lakas or Talas (people who are familiar with esoteric matters will understand this)
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FBI document contains information about alien bodies, spaceships and planet
FBI Document

This is just one of the many documents that have been released. However, several questions remain unanswered. Is this example more than one race? And are they physically or extra-dimensional?

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man on the moon, once said : “Yes, there are ships crashed and bodies recovered. We are not alone in the universe, they visit the earth for a long time. ”