UFO Proof accused of faking cancer for money, scamming helpful people thousands of dollars

The fraudster has recently opened a new YouTube channel called 'The Last News Channel', is this self-purification to get rid of his sins?

faking cancer for money

UPDATE: Kyle Aloia — also known as Kyle Nathan Aloia; UFO Proof; The Last News Channel — refused to show a letter from the hospital or doctor he’s diagnosed with terminal cancer by ignoring to respond to multiple requests. Faking cancer for money is not a hoax but a serious crime.

Will you help a friend who has cancer? Kelly Lansdowne and Wanda Spudic, well-known of Aloia, friends, and also strangers were confronted with this question when he claimed to be diagnosed with stage four glioblastoma, a terminal and inoperable brain cancer, in October 2011. Lansdowne and Spudic organized a benefit for Kyle Aloia and raised 4,000 dollars according to Lansdowne this is reported on NWI The Times.

Will someone who’s diagnosed with terminal cancer leave with the money without a trace?

The benign people have become victims of this fraudulent man, he was faking cancer for money with as result they stop helping people with cancer because they are left with a trust issue.

Aloia is a standup comedian, and on Youtube: ufologist, debunker, and truther. But Lansdowne explained that he was no longer welcome at a venue where he regular performed as standup comedian. Aloia served only as show opener. He runs UFO Proof and recently opened The Last News Channel.

The story behind faking cancer for money

After some research on Aloia, facts indicate that this person has a major criminal reputation, which in this case plays an important role. Before we faced him, some people helped us voluntarily by misleading him for example to admit he was performing while being terminal sick. Remember that he was diagnosed with stage four glioblastoma cancer knowing that it often cause subtle personality changes and memory loss or, again, depending on location, muscle weakness and speech and language disturbances. But this man is a superman and was able to perform in 2011, which is also confirmed by Wanda Spudic.

On April 3, Lions Ground published a video with the findings of Aloia faking cancer for money. After a week, he published a commentary video in which he spent 45 minutes ridiculing and no word about the findings and ignored to provide evidence, he even claims he has cancer “again”. Meanwhile, he has removed the video that had more dislikes than likes and people began to ask in the comment section if he could provide evidence that he had cancer. Below is the first video including the first phone conversation with the secondary ranked fundraiser, Wanda Spudic.

About a week after the video, Kyle Aloia of UFO Proof came up with a video response that he removed shortly after, but we managed to get a copy of the original video. In this video he involves his sister in the plot that begins to curse in company with her young child, not completely insignificant detail, of course, you get a biased opinion and family support each other no matter what. Less and not least, people claim it seems amateurish-staged.

Even in the live chat, people repeatedly ask for evidence, but Aloia does not make any effort, and in the video you also see how he and his friends interacts with different thinking people who are practicing free speech. He finds an allegation of owning multiple accounts more important than proving his innocence.

Sugar in cola and ketchup directly linked to breast cancer

After the live session, Heathcliff of Lions Ground decided to confront him with the question whether he could show that he had cancer in 2011 with an official hospital letter or doctor’s letter. When Alaio discovered that it was about Heathcliff, he took away Heathcliff’s freedom of speech as soon as possible.

Again Aloia refuses to show any commitment to defend himself, name purification is important who is falsely accused. Strange behavior for someone who advertise with the words “Truth” and “Proof” throughout his channel and other internet activities.

Maybe Mr. Proof is a sloppy person and lost the documentation. A new request takes up to 14 days after making the request. On April 20, Heathcliff sent an email directly to Aloia to give him one more chance to purify his name. If he can prove (he can not) that he was terminally ill in 2011, Heathcliff will remove all publications and publish a correction. But Aloia refuse to respond.

Heathcliff’s mail: Great opportunity for name cleansing.

Latest developments

On April 14, Heathcliff had contact with Kelly Lansdowne by telephone, the key witness regarding Aloia fundraising. Below is a small fraction of the conversation.

The full phone conversation(28min) is available for Patreon members only, visit here to get full access.

Lately this person is aiming laser pointers at aircraft(UFOs) which can be fatal. Here’s a good article why you should not target laser pointers on planes.


The conclusion, all indicates that this person does not show any repentance until today. A normal person does not steal money from cancer patients and this behavior is clearly confirmed in his criminal records, this can not be denied.

He also has a very special way to thank people who once supported him. For example the two people who have organized a benefit for his fake cancer, falsely accusing the webmaster for theft, and not to mention Heathcliff.

Despite this, some people continue to support him on YouTube. These are very stupid people, but when cancer comes into their lives, they will change their mind. But somewhere they listen to Lions Ground, otherwise the supporters would have become a member of his Patreon page.

Lions Ground is tackling it hard, everyone who supports this hoaxer is a hoax supporter and should be treated the same way and may become a target of Lions Ground.

There is nothing wrong with asking for donations, but this person is not authorized to ask for money to innocent people. In fact, very hypocritical and shows again that he does not show repentance.

Can Kyle Aloia be accused for faking cancer for money? Yes, all the facts points out that Kyle Aloia is guilty of faking cancer for money.

#CASE040517 is still open while more witnesses are getting involved. Case files are available here