Proof Facebook censors to help former Rothschild banker becoming the new French president

Proof Facebook censors to help former Rothschild banker becoming the new French president

The mainstream media and Reuters try all kinds of tricks in their fight against Marine Le Pen, according to policy researcher and analyst Phil Butler. Will former Rothschild banker be the new president of France?

That the mainstream media supports a globalist, is no surprise, but what is a surprise is that Rothschild makes use of a houseboy to do the dirty job namely Emmanuel Macron.

It seems that France is in despair to gain control over Europe.

Immeasurable influence

If you like Rothschild or not, they have an immeasurable influence and wealth.

It was the Rothschilds that had shares in Yukos, the Russian oil company founded by later arrested billionaire Michail Chodorkovski.

Putin kicked out Rothschild and George Soros out the country for a very good reason, according to Butler.


Now they fought for influence in Paris. The analyst says to wonder about the media attacks against Marine Le Pen.

To protect the propaganda machine are all sorts of measures designed to censor social media.

Thus, the German government approved last month a bill to take more stringent action against “hateful comments and hoaxes on social media.

Fourth Reich

Managers of social networks must intervene quickly when injured raise the alarm or they will be fined.

The proposal met with fierce criticism because of the freedom of expression. Butler speaks of the propaganda machine of the Fourth Reich.

He notes that the German media is already owned 99 percent by the globalists Bertelsmann and Axel Springer.

Ministry of Truth

censorship facebookBut the Ministry of Truth is also implemented in other countries. Facebook is working with the Germans on a system for the French election process, claims the analyst.

Butler experienced firsthand how messages are sometimes censored on social media.

An article he had written about Le Pen could not be shared on Facebook after it was blocked by a bot.

Orwellian world

If the globalists can filter the news the Orwellian world suddenly comes very close.

The EU is a mess, Butler argues. Drastic austerity measures are the order of the day in many countries.

Marine Le Pen is so popular because it is the biggest threat to people like the Rothschilds, he says.


Now the elites are walking on hot coal censoring social media is suddenly acceptable.

That, of course, does not mean that Marine Le Pen, like Donald Trump, may still succumb to the globalists he concludes.

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Heathcliff Spencer Peters is an impartial and independent investigative journalist whose stories have appeared in The Sun, Express, Dailymail, nationwide Italian and Spanish television, and over 10 countries.