Facebook banned Udo Ulfkotte for promoting anti-migrant book

Facebook banned Udo Ulfkotte for promoting anti-migrant book

Facebook has banned the page of writer and journalist Udo Ulfkotte short time after he had posted about his new book. The social network gave as a reason that the content of the message “was in contrary to the guidelines of Facebook.”

In the book, Dr. Ulfkotte reveals the cover-ups by authorities and mainstream media about crimes committed by migrants. “Our Ministry of Justice has repeatedly openly said to have the tools to block accounts that contain politically incorrect messages,” he said.

So-Called Democratic Countries

“That they have done to me, and they do it to hundreds of thousands of others,” continued Ulfkotte, who worked for years for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. “That is the reality of so-called free democratic countries where there is freedom of the press and freedom of expression. That is the reality. ”

In an earlier book, Gekaufte Journalisten(Purchased Journalists), he said that German journalists bribes, lying, in league with the powers and obscure what is happening among the population.


Ulfkotte himself was such a journalist: he allowed himself to treat outings by US think tanks and deliberately wrote positively about American politics. He also said that many journalists are on the CIA payroll.

He shows how prominent journalists allow themselves to use positive messages about topics such as the euro, European integration, immigration and Islam. Many Germans share his criticisms of the partiality of the media.

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