Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Endanger Freedom of Information

facebook artificial intelligence

During Facebook’s annual developer conference in April, the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook wanted to eventually merge its deep-learning powered image-recognition technology into its newsfeed. Since the presidential election produced-news was massively shared on Facebook, which pushed this in its second gear.

Facebook has expand artificial intelligence team to Paris, a region of computer science where scientists are able to embed machines with the capability to copy human behavior thereby making decisions, to curb fake news they figuring out how to introduce AI responsibly.

Yann LeCun, Facebook’s director of AI research says, the company is yet to frame the right policies that would lead to successful and responsible implementation of artificial intelligence.

The US presidential election is being blamed by many op-eds on fake news with the sudden victory of Donald Trump. According to them this is a great example of how big an impact fake news can have using Facebook as a weapon. Although this is denied by Facebook.


Facebook is currently depending on people flagging content. This would mean that a group of trolls can exert  influence on information.

The bottom line, the AI decide for men what is real and fake news. Facebook currently already use a number of landmarks to decide if content is click bait or not.

Youtube tackles the publishers financially by demonetizing content that contains trigger words. Without shame, smaller news publishers are limited in their journalism, a smart way to control information.

What is news?

In the days of the television you had only the mainstream media as your loyal, honest news source. Lying, hiding, manipulation, concealment with regard to:

  • The EU
  • The Islam
  • The politics
  • Immigrants / asylum seekers
  • Austerity plans
  • Russia vs. Ukraine
  • The MH17
  • The dominant elite
  • The criminality
  • Corruption
  • Panama papers
  • Dakota Access Pipeline

Is that the definition of true news?

The foundations of news originates from Folk News, and still defines Folk News. Large companies took it over, ridiculed folk news to gain power. “Yeah right, who do you believe more. Your neighbor or CNN,” that’s the mentality.

Social media makes you depressed #facebook

Since the rise of the Internet, folk news became so powerful that it almost seems like a comeback. The mainstream media started to lose power. The big companies improvised by placing a mainstream media on the Internet, mirroring as alternative media called Infowars. Clever, just give the people the feeling that they are on the winning side. Just like as in the TV era, everyone listens like sheep to the shepherd.

The Dakota Access Pipeline propaganda proofs the point.

F8 2016 Day 1 Keynote

Geplaatst door Facebook for Developers op dinsdag 12 april 2016


The bottom line is that the major social media moguls decide what you are allowed to read.