Dutch Prime Minister Rutte in the picture with criminal property magnate

Dutch Prime Minister Rutte in the picture with criminal property magnate

There is currently an extensive investigation on the fraud by the owner of the Kaan Group, a large real estate and staffing company in the Netherlands. The 46-year-old Bekir Kaynar has now been convicted of weapons possession. The court convicted him 100 hours community service and one month suspended prison.

Bekir Kaynar is being investigated by the Public Prosecution Service, the police, the FIOD and the Municipality of Groningen, writes the Telegraph. Kaan Holding and Bekir Kaynar would play a role include bankruptcy fraud and scams.

Many Buildings

The company, which operates in various places in the Netherlands owns agencies, sells navigation equipment, provides financial services and holds a large property portfolio. They are also looking specifically at the cash flows from the Netherlands to Turkey and vice versa, report the investigators.

Bekir Kaynar owns a large number of properties in the province of Groningen, especially in the city Groningen. He rents in the city student rooms and apartments.

Trade Mission

There is a photo surfaced where Bekir Kaynar with Dutch Prime Minister Rutte. The photo was taken during a trade mission in 2012. At the invitation of the then Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan Rutte traveled to Turkey.

The trade mission was marked by further strengthening of diplomatic and economic relations between the Netherlands and Turkey. The Netherlands is one of the largest foreign investors in Turkey.