Planet X is how dinosaurs really became extinct

How did dinosaurs become extinct? Planet X

Although most scientists are convinced that a meteorite impact was the main culprit for the extinction of the dinosaurs, we always search for other explanations.

One scientist links Planet X to the extinction of the dinosaurs. “That Planet X caused possibly comets rains,” says the retired professor Daniel Whitmire from the University of Arkansas.

“The comets were strong enough to reach our planet and causing mass deaths”

Dr. Whitmire believes that other periodic extinctions on Earth can be linked to Planet X. In the January issue of the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, he writes that Planet X causes every 27 million years comets rains on earth that lead to mass extinctions.

planet x - nibiru
Planet X/Nibiru

How did dinosaurs become extinct: Three Possible Explanations

The 27 Myr period in the fossil extinction record has been confirmed in modern data bases dating back 500 Myr, which is twice the time interval of the original analysis from 30 years ago. The surprising regularity of this period has been used to reject the Nemesis model. A second model based on the Sun’s vertical Galactic oscillations has been challenged on the basis of an inconsistency in period and phasing. The third astronomical model originally proposed to explain the periodicity is the Planet X model in which the period is associated with the perihelion precession of the inclined orbit of a trans-Neptunian planet. Recently, and unrelated to mass extinctions, a trans-Neptunian super-Earth planet has been proposed to explain the observation that the inner Oort cloud objects Sedna and 2012VP113 have perihelia that lie near the ecliptic plane.

Daniel Whitmire
Daniel Whitmire

It is believed that Planet X is approximately 10 times more heavier than earth 1,000 times farther from the Sun than our own planet. Whitmire and colleague John Matese published their first research into the connection between Planet X and extinctions in 1985 in the scientific journal Nature. Their work was published that year in Time magazine.

There were then three possible explanations for rain comets in our solar system, Planet X, a sister star and vertical movements of the sun. The last two have since been ruled out, leaving only Planet X still remains.

Big Influence

“It’s an exciting idea that a distant planet may have had a major impact on the evolution of life on Earth”

Whitmire and Matese theorize that Planet X on his journey catapults toward the sun caused by the Kuiper Belt comets. These comets not only crash on earth, but also ensure that less sunlight reaches our planet.

Dr. Whitmire estimates that Planet X is five times as massive as the Earth and about 100 times further away of the sun.  he said. “I’ve been doing research for 30 years. If we ever get clearness, I would like to write a book about it.”

Sumerians and the flood of Gilgamesh

Nibiru is often called “Planet X” in the literature. The “X” is used in mathematics for the unknown to be searched. “X” means in Roman ’10’, which also applies to Nibiru, because if we do not count the sun and the moon, we have with Nibiru ten planets.

Nibiru orbits the Sun in a very elongated ellipse, which has the sun as one of the two foci. The orbital period of Nibiru to be 3600 years. We can’t unfortunately not verify this because our event horizon is too short.

anunnaki planet x
Sumerian Clay Tablet 3600BCE: See the sun with it’s planets, left top planet represents the Kuiper belt

These people were familiar with comets, meteors, and could calculate relationship between the motion of the sun, moon and earth and predict eclipses. They were also capable of identify stars and place them on the map that happen to be not visible ever from the areas they inhabited. The stars which have to be behind horizons from their point of view, could be found on their maps correctly placed in relation to one another.

The ancient Sumerians became out of the blue high developed civilization. They knew about our solar system. They could exactly visualize planet Saturn, how could they do that without telescopes?

Sumerians Saturn
Between the man on the chair and the beer pot you see planet with a ring around it. Planet Saturn.

Based on their tablets, they mentioned about a flood described as the flood of Gilgamesh. The bible adopted it and named it the flood of Noah. From the early days of the comparative study of these two flood accounts, it has been generally agreed that there is an obvious relationship. The widespread nature of flood traditions throughout the entire human race is excellent evidence for the existence of a great flood from a legal/historical point of view.

As the Moon orbits our planet and as the Earth rotates, the bulge also moves. The areas of the Earth where the bulging occurs experience high tide, and the other areas are subject to a low tide. Imagine what effect Planet X would have on planet Earth.

Sumerian Tablet: Ark Flood
Sumerian Tablet: Ark – Flood, the bible tell a story about Noah’s ark.

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