Defense minister Paul Hellyer: Governments keep presence of aliens secret

Governments keep presence of aliens secret : Paul Hellyer

A former defense minister Paul Hellyer travels through Canada to talk about the alleged cover-up around UFOs and aliens. About 400 people listened attentively to the story of Paul Hellyer, who was in the sixties a defense minister.

Hellyer and other speakers participate the lecture Disclosure Canada Tour in Canada, want the government to bring out all the information about UFOs. The 91-year-old Hellyer said in 2005 for the first openly that governments keep secret of the existence of aliens. He says that UFOs are as often in our sky as aircraft.

The former minister said to participate in the tour because he wants to share his beliefs with the public. “Most of the media keeps silence about this topic,” he said. “So you have to continue in the hope that you reach a critical mass in a day and people,” said Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister, we want the truth now because it affects our lives. ”

Nuclear weapons

According to Hellyer, there are 80 types of aliens. On Russian television he said last year that some aliens look just like us and go among the people. He further said that most aliens are peaceful, but there is a small group that has bad intentions.

They are concerned that people will detonate more nuclear weapons, Hellyer said, adding that such weapons’ also affect other people in the cosmos. ”

Governments keep presence of aliens secret – Paul Hellyer

Video below starring ex defense minister Paul Hellyer revealing secrets about Aliens, UFOs, the dirty government and many topics you probably didn’t know:

Governments keep presence of aliens secret – Paul Hellyer by Lions Ground

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