This is why conspiracies surrounding the mysterious Boeing X-37B

Boeing X-37B

An experimental American spacecraft Boeing X-37B landed Sunday after nearly two years in Florida. The plane went through the sound barrier while lowering altitude, startling Florida in the morning with a loud bang.

The unmanned Boeing X-37B spent over 700 days in orbit, where it performed a secret mission.

The vessel, which looks like a small version of a space shuttle, landed at the Kennedy Space Center. The X-37B never spend so much time in space.


The spacecraft of the Air Force is surrounded with conspiracies. The army said in an email that the devices can be used to test space technology.

The missionary activities are top secret. The mysterious nature of the mission is food for conspiracy theorists.

According to some, there is espionage going on. Thus, X-37B has sophisticated equipment on board to sensitive to spy geopolitical regions such as the Middle East.

Remains silent

Others claim that the United States can disable satellites with the X-37B. Whatever the vessel carries out high up there in the sky, the US Air Force remains silent.

The US owns two of such drones, which are housed in hangars which were once used for space shuttles.

The Air Force is planning to send X-37B into space later this year.