Confrontations between alien spacecraft and the US military during Vietnam War

Confrontations between alien spacecraft and the US military during Vietnam War

A Vietnam veteran says there have been several confrontations in the Vietnam war between alien spacecraft and the US military. This does remind me of Defense minister Paul Hellyer: Governments keep presence of aliens secret.

George Filer was in the sixties and seventies, working as an intelligence officer for the US Air Force. He had to keep an eye on UFO sightings. Previously shared a number of other former soldiers and ex-employees of NASA and their story about UFOs and aliens.

Filer claims that he released every day in Vietnam reports to General George S. Brown, who was the chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the US Army. He received regular information about sightings of alien ships and the contact between these ships and American troops and aircraft.

They are capable to do so much more

“The army was interested in UFOs because they were capable of much more capable than our devices. They wanted to know what technology they used and where the technology came from, “he said. “Sometimes there appeared unidentified ships over the demilitarized zone.”

“An airplane flew for example at a speed of 50 knots through the air when suddenly an UFO came aboard, what did tricks around the plane and then flew away with three times the speed of one of the fastest aircraft of the Air Force,” Filer said. “So we have to make it clear with a technology that is much more advanced than what we have.”

A US patrol boat had also managed to be followed by ‘two luminous circular UFOs, while the boat was trying to clear a path through the demilitarized zone between North and South Vietnam. [photo]

Until today

Filer said there are still UFO reports in a war zones done today. He did for instance a number of sightings of UFOs of veterans who had fought in Afghanistan.

UFO above Rendlesham Forest controlled by mothership

The veteran, who manages the site saw in 1962 near Stonehenge an unidentified object when he was the co-pilot of a tanker. London Control asked if his crew could intercept the object over Stonehenge. Filer described it as “a cylindrical object, like a cruise ship, surrounded by lights. It grew rapidly and then disappeared.

Confrontations: UFOs and the US military during Vietnam War by Lions Ground