I am communicating with the dead and I see them


Annemarie Smit (33) was guest at the Dutch TV program Jan Rijdt Rond meaning Jan driving around, they looked back at the time she was a teenager. At that age she had special gifts. She saw and felt the presence of deceased people. Because no one took her seriously she ignored those feelings as much as possible.

“When I went at night to the bathroom, I saw in the hall in our old house floating faces,” said Annemarie. “At first I thought they wanted me or wanted to do something from me. But that was not the case. They just wanted recognition. ”

Slightly Open

When a good friend of hers died on May 2003, she found out that she was not crazy. “A few weeks after his death, I had dreams in which he visited me and showed things that played at that time in his family,” said Annemarie. “His death has opened something in me.”

Even after the death of her grandmother she got more and more the feeling that there must be something beyond this life. “Also because I increasingly began to feel and see what actually is not so sensible and visible to many people.”

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This fascinated her as a little girl, because her aunt sometimes saw and predicted things. She got more and more prophetic dreams that as a child she already had. At one point she became aware that she began to feel pain and emotions of others.

According to Annemarie the dividing line between this world and the spiritual world is paper thin. “The presence of a deceased person feels a bit like cobwebs,” she explains. “You have the feeling that you are walking through spiderwebs. It gives you a very reassuring feeling and you get a lot of faith in what you see. ”

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  • Isis Anderson

    Heathcliff, what changed your mind and led you to believe in the paranormal after having not believed before? Did you have any personal experiences with this yourself?

    I was never given the choice to believe or not. I was born into both this world that everyone sees and knows is real and the realm where the dead exist. I call myself a Spiritwalker. I am 36 years old, just had my 36th birthday on July 27th and for the last couple of years even more realms have opened up to me. I can relate to how this woman felt when she started ignoring her abilities because how people react to it. They make you feel like you’re crazy sometimes. But you know this truth that you can’t really share with anyone and it’s frustrating. Thanks for sharing.

    • shayan

      Can you please help me with this. I want to know as vividly as possible. How it started and how am i suppose to see those abstracts and realms. I want to be in harmony.

      • Dear @disqus_HNhKXMjBUe:disqus Annemarie has reached out to me and is Interested in the interview. If you want me to drop a question let me know asap.