Is China where cannibals live? They Eat Dead Babies!

Is China where cannibals live? They Eat Dead Babies!

Today a Facebook user shared a sickening video where it’s claimed that Chinese people eat dead fetuses for food process.

In the video you can see a number of women cleaning the fetuses. This is pure production work, as can be seen in the video, the table is filled with soulless bodies. Below you can see the alleged video.

Yeni Doğan Bebek ve Çin Yemek Kültürü

Yeni Doğan Bebek ve Çin Yemek Kültürü; Çin den Yeni doğarken ölen bebek yani cenin'leri yemek için satan insanlar görülmektedir. Lütfen tepkinizi gösterin yorum olarak.

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Chinese fast food

It is an indispensable fact, China has a sickly disgusting eating habits. Below you can see a list of even more deranged food habit of the Chinese people:

  • Fast snake
    The head is chopped off, as soon possible boiled while the snake is still moving on your plate
  • Fast fish
    They remove scales from the fish by moving a knife to the opposite growth direction of the scales, then the chef grab the head of the fish and immerse the fish one minute in boiling hot oil. The fish is served on your plate with a tasty red sauce while still breathing
  • Live squid
    No reason to cook them
  • Live sea urchin
  • Live baby mice
  • Live frog
    The quickly dismembered frog is staring at you alive while you’re eating him, definition of not eating alone


My mother from Spain never want Chinese, because she was actually eating dog meat instead of beef. Last month, my girlfriend and I took a takeaway in Marbella. The cockroaches ran across the floor, once home my girlfriend had to vomit after one bite. No more Chinese.

China has a very abnormal and very inhumane eating habit. That Chinese people eat babies is true. China sells fetuses to use in Chinese medicine and specialty foods, because some Chinese people believe it will keep you young. Just cannibalistic sick for words!

SOURCEThe Seoul Times